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Poland Work Visa – Get a Work Permit in Poland

Poland Work Visa?

Visiting Poland for a short visit is one thing, but working there will require more preparation and planning. In the case that you have a job lined up for you in Poland, it is most likely that you will need a work visa for Poland for this job.
Work visas for Poland are long-term visas that allow non-EU citizens to work there.

Is a visa required to work in Poland?

To work in Poland, you need a visa if you are not an EU/EEA or Swiss citizen. If you are a citizen of the EU/EEA/Swiss and want to work in Poland for more than three months, simply register at a local registration office. It is not a visa application process; rather, it is a way of notifying Polish authorities that you would like to stay and work in Poland for a longer period of time.

Types of Poland visa for work You Can Apply for?

It’s important to know what work permit you should apply for before applying for a work visa. These are the types of Poland work permits:

Requirements of Poland Work Visa?

The required documents for a Poland work visa are:

Valid passport – Passports should be valid for at least another six months; more if required by the embassy.

Visa application form – It must be filled out via the e-Consulate system (the Polish consular website), printed, and signed.

Colored photos – The dimensions and requirements of the photo must comply with the Schengen visa photo guidelines.
Flight itinerary – It is required that you submit proof that you have purchased or at least booked a flight to Poland.
Travel health insurance – You must register for long-term health insurance with either the Polish National Health Fund or a private insurer as soon as you arrive in Poland. For the initial work visa application, you will need proof of travel health insurance covering at least €30,000.
Accommodation proof – You must provide proof that you will have a place to stay while you are in Poland.
Original or copy of the work permit – It will be your employer who will deliver the work permit that they applied for on your behalf.
Employment letter – The original letter of employment, signed by your employee, must be submitted with your position, salary, and other details.
Experience certificate or CV – If you are applying for a position, you should submit an updated CV and certificates that attest to your work experience.
Police clearance certificate – The applicant must prove that he or she does not have a criminal record.

* Note:-If a Polish consulate or embassy asks for additional documents, like a cover letter for a work visa, you may have to provide them.


How to Get a Poland working visa?

These are the simple steps to apply for a Poland work visa;
  1. Your employer applies for a work permit on your behalf. 
  2. You apply for a work visa at the Polish embassy.
  3. Enter and Start working in Poland.

Applying for a Poland work permit Visa?

If you plan to work in Poland, your Polish employer must apply for your work permit at your local Voivodeship office. It is the employer’s responsibility to submit documents, such as –
  • Application form. 
  • Application fee receipt.
  • The employer’s legal status.
  • Economic records of an employer.
  • An employee’s passport page copy.
  • Health insurance proof.
  • The company’s deed.
  • Employer’s profit or loss statements.
  • Work contract copy.
* You will receive the work permit from your employer, along with your work contract and any other documents, so you can apply for a Poland work visa.
Upon receiving authorization to work in Poland, you can apply for a work visa at the Polish Embassy in your country. With this visa, you can travel to Poland for work purposes and then apply for a temporary or permanent residence permit. In order to apply for a Poland work visa, you need to follow these steps:
  • Find the Polish Embassy or Consulate nearest you
  • Make a visa appointment
  • Collect the required documents
  • Submit your application.

Starting to work in Poland .

To enter Poland, you must show your documents (physical or digital) to border control. It is required that you register your residence at the local city council district office within four days of entering Poland.
If you have registered your address and received a residence card, you can get jobs in Poland or start working.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Polish Work Visa

It may take the Polish embassy or consulate up to 6 weeks to process your work visa application. Due to the importance of the visa type, you should apply for your Poland work visa at least two months before your trip.

Poland Work Visa Fees and cost?

It may take the Polish embassy or consulate up to 6 weeks to process your work visa application. Due to the importance of the visa type, you should apply for your Poland work visa at least two months before your trip.
Visa type
Visa Fee

Timeframe of less than 3 months



Timeframe of longer than 3 months


Work Type D Permit



If your employer does not volunteer to sponsor your work visa, you will have to pay for the visa yourself. The employer is not required to pay for the employee’s visa fee; however, most employers in Europe do pay for the work permit. Get in touch with your employer for more information.

Poland Seasonal Work Visa

People who work for less than nine months each year are granted a seasonal work permit. Most of the time, a seasonal work permit is issued to foreign workers who want to work in Poland during the summer months. In order to stay in Poland on a seasonal work visa, you will also need a temporary residence permit.
You can apply for a temporary residence permit if you:
  • Want to work seasonal jobs in Poland.

  • Maintain a stable and regular income.

  • Must have health insurance.

  • Have proof of accommodation.

A seasonal work permit costs €6.63.

Turn your dream into Reality

Polish work visas are only valid for 3 months, during which you must apply for a residence permit.
The validity of your work permit depends on the employment contract you signed with your employer. Let's say your employer wants to hire you for two years. During that time, your residence permit and work permit will remain valid.
You can extend your Poland work visa by renewing your contract with your employer. You must extend your work visa 30 days before it expires if you want to extend it. At the local Voivodship Office or online at, your employer can apply for an extension of your work permit.
Your family members can apply for a Polish family reunification visa if you are working in Poland with a temporary work permit of at least two years. You can live with your family in Poland for the duration of your work permit if they are granted a family reunification visa.

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