Universal Dream Services


Universal Dream Services

Universal Dream Services is an immigration consultancy that provides services related to immigration and visa applications. They assist individuals and families in navigating the complex immigration processes of various countries. These services often include helping clients with visa applications, gathering necessary documentation, and providing guidance on immigration regulations and requirements. Immigration consultancies like Universal Dream Service aim to make the immigration process smoother and more manageable for their clients, whether they are seeking temporary work visas, permanent residency, or other immigration-related services.

Who We Are ?

Universal Dream Services one of the Best Immigration & Visa Consultancy in the immigration circle for our specialized services & are praised by our clients for enriching their experience in Visa facilitation. Our immigration counsellors are specialized in providing visa information for various countries, which include Austria, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Australia, Switzerland, South Africa, Canada, Hong Kong, Germany and many more. We are committed to honesty, loyalty, and a high standard of ethical conduct and using these strengths, we deliver value for money services to our clients. We serve high success rate of perfect legal documentation of a visitor visa, migration Visa, job seeker visa, marriage based immigration or partner based visas.

We are here to guide the applicants for their immigration process to any country that they aspire to go. If you need professional guidance, not only related to immigration and visas, but also related to your job search and relocation, then Universal Dream Services is the perfect choice.

Mission Of Universal Dream Services?

The mission of an Immigration Consultancy is to provide expert guidance and assistance to individuals and families seeking to navigate the complex and often challenging process of immigration. This mission can encompass several key objectives, including:

  1. Empowering Clients: To empower clients with the knowledge and information they need to make informed decisions about their immigration journey.

  2. Ensuring Compliance: To help clients understand and adhere to immigration laws, regulations, and requirements to ensure they meet the necessary criteria for their desired immigration status or visa.

  3. Facilitating Smooth Processes: To streamline the immigration process and facilitate the preparation and submission of accurate and complete documentation.

  4. Maximizing Success: To increase the likelihood of successful immigration outcomes by providing expert advice and guidance on visa applications, residency permits, and other immigration-related matters.

  5. Personalized Support: To offer personalized support that addresses the unique needs and circumstances of each client, tailoring immigration solutions to their specific situation.

  6. Ethical and Transparent Service: To provide ethical and transparent services, adhering to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in all interactions with clients.

  7. Timely and Efficient Services: To help clients save time and reduce stress by efficiently guiding them through the immigration process, minimizing delays, and avoiding common pitfalls.

  8. Advocacy and Representation: To advocate for clients’ interests and represent them in dealings with immigration authorities, ensuring their rights and concerns are properly addressed.

  9. Education and Awareness: To educate clients about the benefits and responsibilities that come with their immigration status, promoting integration and understanding of the host country’s culture and legal framework.

  10. Continuous Improvement: To stay updated with the latest immigration policies, regulations, and trends, continuously improving the quality of services offered to clients.

In summary, the mission of an Immigration Consultancy is to serve as a trusted partner and guide for individuals and families pursuing their immigration goals, making the process as smooth, efficient, and successful as possible.

Our Vision?

Our vision is being recognized and valued as the prime immigration service provider across the country which represents effectiveness and efficiency in its immigration services. Our aim is to build an amazing reputation and provide our clients with better more unique ways to help them to achieve their dreams of success in a very smooth and time effective way. We are here to guide the applicants for their immigration process to any country that they aspire to go.

Our Team

It’s never been easy to achieve success without an excellent immigration experts. Our team members are well versed in all the visa and documentation formalities and it makes us one of the Best Immigration and Visa Consultant. They make sure that they explain to the client all the minute details about the documentation that needs to be completed in order to apply for the visa of a particular country. Besides the documentation they can also advise you on other aspects of visa formalities like the required funds, medical and moral documentation procedures etc.

Best Immigration Consultants In Delhi

Our immigration consultants are systematically trained & well experienced and they keep themselves updated with the rules and regulations in terms of immigration and visas policies of different countries from time to time.

We have a vast knowledge about different countries visa process so we provide best options to our clients.

We are highly transparent in nature. We make our clients feel comfortable by providing them all the necessary information regarding to the process and charges that would be incurred for immigration and visa services to different countries.


We give attention to each and every client and assist them during entire process.

We Offer Complete guidance and Support in making our Clients Succeed in their immigration process.

And Our Client reach us by Calls And Emails.