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5 Top best country to live in Europe

Best country to live in europe

About Europe

Which is the Best Country to live in Europe? This is a very common question. The second-smallest continent in the globe, Europe takes up around 15% of the planet’s total surface area. Currently, there are 51 independent states in Europe, some of which are spread across both Europe and Asia. Russia is the largest nation in Europe. Vatican City, located in the heart of Rome, is the tiniest nation in all of Europe.

Despite the fact that Roman Catholicism and Protestantism coexist in the English, German, Swiss, Hungarian, and Dutch groups, the bulk of primary cultural groupings in Europe have only one dominating religion.

The free market economy in Europe is founded on the flow of money. The economy of Europe, which employs more than 700 million people in nearly 50 different nations, has a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of about 20 trillion US dollars.

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Best Country to Live in Europe according to their Rankings

  • United Kingdom

The third largest economy in Europe, behind Germany and France, is a major trading and financial hub. By European standards, agriculture is intensive, heavily mechanized, and effective, providing around 60% of the world’s food demands with less than 2% of the labor force. The UK has sizable reserves of coal, natural gas, and oil, but its oil and gas reserves are depleting; the country has been a net energy importer since 2005.

  • Sweden

With its blend of free-market capitalism and generous welfare benefits, Sweden has reached an enviable level of life and has a small, open, and competitive economy that is flourishing. The main reason Sweden hasn’t joined the eurozone is that it fears losing control over its social system if it joins the European Economic and Monetary Union. The foundational resources of a manufacturing economy that is strongly reliant on international trade include iron ore, timber, and hydropower. More than 44% of GDP is made up of exports, which also include machinery, motor vehicles, and telecommunications equipment.

Germany is one of the best country to live in Europe. The German economy, which is the largest in Europe and ranks sixth in the world in terms of PPP with $4200 billion, is a significant exporter of machinery, autos, chemicals, and home furnishings. The minimum wage in Germany was established in 2015 and increased to $9.79 (8.84 euros) in January 2017. A lot of Social benefits & monetary benefits are provided to the immigrants in Germany like Medical Benefits, unemployment allowances, etc.


Spain’s economy grew for the fourth consecutive full year in 2017, surpassing its pre-crisis peak, mostly as a result of higher private consumption. Most people think of Spaniards as being highly hospitable and friendly. They undoubtedly place a lot of focus on developing solid relationships. Spain has a very high standard of living. The over 320 days of sunshine per year put people in a good mood, make them want to walk more and make them want to spend more time outside, whether it’s by the mountains, beach, or terraces. The cost of living for one person is roughly €900 per month, which is less expensive than the cost of living in other well-known EU nations like Germany or Denmark.

An advanced market economy with a highly skilled workforce and a high standard of living in Austria. The US, which is its third-largest trading partner, as well as other EU economies, particularly Germany’s, are intimately linked to it. With a GDP growth of 2.9 percent in 2017. Austria has an extremely high standard of living. In fact, Austria ranked second globally for quality of life in a 2019 assessment. The Austrian educational system is of a very high caliber and is quite advanced. The educated population of Austria offers free universal pre-school as well as public primary and secondary schools.

So, these were some of the Top Best Country to live in Europe.

Some tips to remember before moving to Europe

  • Learn the Language of which country you are moving to
  • Start finding Accommodation before you fly to your destination.
  • Get a European Health Insurance
  •  Sort out your finances in advance
  • Renew your IDs and Debit & Credit cards

Hence, Moving to Europe is definitely a great Choice. If you have any other queries, you can contact us at +91-9821653530. 

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