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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on guaranteed assured that the US is “building back” on the backlog of Tourist visa Consultants applications from Indian nationals after Undertakings Affairs Minister S Jaishankar flagged concerns.

“We had imperatives from Covid about the quantity of individuals we could have in our consulates at any one time and so on. We are presently working back exceptionally resolved truly from that flooding assets. We have a plan when it comes to India to address the backlog of visas that have built up I think you’ll see that work out before very long,” Blinken said in a press preparation.

“There have been not many challenges of late, and I hailed it to Secretary Blinken and his gathering, and I have each certainty that they will take a gander at a portion of these problems seriously and positively,” Jaishankar said in his opening statements.

The waiting period for Indians looking to secure a visitor visa to the US Tourist Visa Consultants has gone up to 800 days, according to the website of the US Tourist Visa Consultants State Department. The holding up period is almost 400 days for understudy/trade guest visas and other non-worker visas.

“I’m extremely sensitive to this,” said Blinken as he blamed the Covid-19 pandemic for the build-up.

“Our ability to give visas dropped decisively during Covid. Furthermore, the last thing we believe should do is make that any more troublesome. Running against the norm, we need to work with it. we want to work with it. So hold on for us. This will work out throughout the following couple of months yet we’re exceptionally centered around it,” Blinken added.

In addition, Blinken also noted that the partnership between India and United States is one of the most consequential in the world during the joint question and answer session.

“The relationship among India and US is basically one of the main in the world.. It is to address any worldwide test that our kin face – wellbeing security, environmental change, food security and maintaining the free and open global request. Over the course of the last years, we have gained genuine headway in raising that association respectively – – through establishments like QUAD and G20 and global associations at the Unified Countries,” Blinken said.

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