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Britain’s controversial asylum plan explained

After introducing contentious legislation to change how it handles migrants who cross the Channel on small boats, Britain is seeing a backlash at home and abroad.”controversial asylum plan

What has been announced?

The interior minister is obligated by the Illegal Migration Bill to deport anyone who enters the UK illegally, overriding any other rights they may have under human rights conventions.

Under the UK’s current plan, they would be sent back home or to a “safe third country,” like Rwanda, where they could apply for asylum.

Human rights claims and legal challenges would be heard in that nation. The applicants would be disqualified from using British laws to stop their deportation. These laws aim to stop modern slavery.

Unlawful contestants who are taken out likewise face·a lifetime prohibition on citizenship and reemergence to the UK.

The government has stated that it will provide refugees with new “safe and legal routes,” but no specifics have been provided.

controversial asylum plan

Legislators would set a yearly standard for lawful outcasts qualified to get comfortable in England.

Why is the UK proposing this?

Last year, more than 45,000 people arrived from across the Channel, and 3,150 people have already done so in 2023.

As many as 80,000 people could cross by the end of the year, according to Interior Minister Suella Braverman, and the “broken” asylum system is costing UK taxpayers £3 billion ($3.55 billion) annually.

She and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also say that their strategy is more “compassionate” than allowing tragedies to happen across the Channel.

When their fragile dinghy burst, at least 27 people drowned in November 2021.

However, the government asserts that many migrants are arriving for economic reasons rather than genuine needs for asylum.

Albania, which has already agreed to a return policy with Britain to return its illegal migrants, had the largest contingent the previous year.

Is it legal?

The 1951 United Nations Refugee Convention, which establishes numerous obligations for nations toward individuals fleeing persecution or war, has a British signature.

The UN refugee agency criticized the UK bill and pointed out that the convention explicitly permits individuals to flee their homeland and seek asylum elsewhere without passports or other documents.

The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) also obligates Britain to prevent torture and other inhuman or degrading treatment of individuals.

The country’s Human Rights Act of 1998 provides asylum seekers with additional safeguards.

Braverman insists that international law is adhered to in the draft law.

She acknowledged, however, that she was “unable” to assess whether its provisions are compatible with the ECHR in a note to MPs at the beginning of the 66-page bill.

What responses have there been?

After repeated promises by governments to crack down on cross-Channel migration, the bill has received vocal support from numerous Conservative MPs and right-wing newspapers.

It has been labeled “cruel and inhumane” by Doctors Without Borders and “unworkable, costly, and won’t stop the boats” by the Refugee Council.

The main opposition Labour party argues that the government’s plan will not deter the criminal gangs behind the cross-Channel traffic and that the money should be spent instead on a crackdown on them.

A longtime critic of the government’s migration policies, BBC football host Gary Lineker even compared the new plan to Nazi Germany’s rhetoric.

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