Canada Express Entry Draw invited 5448 candidates in just 3 days

Express Entry Draw

IRCC held its third Express Entry Draw of the week

First express entry draw was held on October 24th, and 1548 invitations were issued to candidates with a minimum CRS score of 776.

In the second draw held on October 25th, 300 invitations to apply (ITAs) were sent to French language proficiency/capability in a category-based draw with a minimum CRS score of 486.

In the third draw held on October 26th, ITAs were issued to 3600 healthcare professionals with a minimum CRS score of 431.

Three Express Entry draw were held for 3 days and a total of 5448 invitations were sent to candidates

3 Express Entry Draws in 3 days issued 5448 ITAs

IRCC held its third express entry draw of the week on October 26th and a total of 3,600 invitations were sent to candidates in healthcare occupations with a minimum CRS score of 431.

This draw followed the most recent ones that were held on October 25th where 300 invitations were sent, and on October 24th where 1548 invitations were sent out to candidates for French language proficiency/capability..

Competitors who are designated by a territory in an Express Section pool will naturally get a score of 600 CRS focuses.


Draw Type

Number of ITA’s

Minimum CRS

Oct 26

Healthcare occupations



Oct 25

French language proficiency



Oct 24

PNP Only



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Will CRS score drop in 2024?

The CRS score is determined by the Canadian government based on various factors, and it can change because of policy adjustments and other factors.

When Express Entry draw will come in 2024?

Express Entry draws are normally conducted at regular intervals throughout the year, and the particular dates and criteria for each draw are announced by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) as the year progresses.

To remain informed about Express Entry draws in 2024, you can consistently check the official IRCC website or subscribe to updates from social media channels.

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