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Canada issues record-breaking 4.8 million visas in 2022

How to Get PR in Canada

Canada has handled an unsurpassed high of 4.8 million visa applications in 2022, almost two times the 2.5 million handled during a similar period last year, as per Movement, Exiles and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Canada has reduced its pandemic backlog by nearly half a million applications in just four months by processing more visitor visa applications on a monthly basis.

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Over 260,000 visitor visa applications were processed in November alone, compared to 180,000 applications processed simultaneously in 2019.

“This year, our government processed a record number of immigration applications while also reducing its pandemic backlogs by nearly half a million. “Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, said in a statement that our actions are ensuring that we can continue to welcome and support newcomers who come to Canada to work, study, visit, or settle here,” the statement read.

According to IRCC data, the 4.8 million applications comprise 670,000 study permits, 700,000 work permits, and hundreds of thousands of visitor visas.

By November 30, more than 670,000 study permits had been approved, up from more than 500,000 during the same time period last year. The category of temporary residence received the most applications.

How to get PR in Canada
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The IRCC informed that the majority of new study permits are currently being processed within the 60-day service standard.

By November 30, nearly 700,000 work permits had been processed, compared to approximately 223,000 during the same time period in 2019 prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Canada is on track to meet its goal of more than 431,000 new permanent residents with the addition of a record-breaking 405,000 new residents in 2021.

Additionally, the IRCC has reduced its pandemic backlog of applications for card renewals by 99 percent, which means that permanent residents can now anticipate shorter wait times when renewing their permanent resident cards.

Between April and November, Canada welcomed approximately 251,000 new citizens. As a result, more than 70% of the citizenship inventory’s applications are now within service standards.

Canada unveiled its ambitious immigration plan last month to address its acute labor shortage, which aims to welcome half a million immigrants annually by 2025.

Canada’s immigration backlog decreased to just over 2.2 million as of December 2.

IRCC says it needs to have an under 50 percent excess across all lines of business toward the finish of Walk 2023

On September 23, the Canadian citizenship body began moving toward digital applications for the majority of permanent resident programs.

By the end of the year, it also hopes to digitize all citizenship applications, including those for minors under 18.

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