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Canada just can’t get enough international students from India

In 2022, Canada admitted over 550,000 new international students From India, breaking yet another immigration record. The information delivered by the Movement, Exiles and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) shows that the north American nation invited a record 551,405 worldwide understudies from 184 nations, in 2022.

With over 226,450 approved visas, Indian students From India remained the greatest beneficiaries. With 52,165 approved student visas, China came in second, and The Philippines came in third with 23,380.

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444,260 new study permits became effective in 2021, up from 400,600 in 2019. Canada hosted 637,860 international students from India in 2019.

The most recent figures indicate that, in comparison to 2021, 107,145 more study permits came into effect in 2022.

Another record-high number of international students From India with valid study permits was 807,750 as of December 31, 2022.

Indians, once more, bested the rundown, with 319,130 understudies as of now signed up for Canada. China (100,075 understudies) and The Philippines (32,455 understudies) came in second and third separately.

Provinces with the most number of international students

  1. Ontario (411,000 students)
  2. British Columbia (164,000 students)
  3. Quebec (93,000 students)
  4. Alberta (43,000 students)
  5. Manitoba (22,000 students)

Canada has always been a popular place for students who want to go to college. IDP surveyed 11,271 people from 94 countries in a 2022 study, and Canada came out on top, with 27% of respondents choosing it as their first choice.

Some of the many things that make it a better place to get an education of high quality and start a strong career are the country’s easy immigration process, policies that are friendly to students, high employability rate, and multicultural environment.

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