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Canada needs 30,000 new immigrants to fill jobs in its agricultural sector

Canada News

According to Canada News a new study in Canada, in order to address the looming labor shortage in the agricultural sector, Canada will need 30,000 permanent immigrants over the course of the next ten years to either start their own farms or acquire farms that already exist.

According to Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) research, 40% of Canadian farm operators will retire by 2033, placing agriculture on the cusp of one of the biggest labor and leadership transitions in the nation’s history.

Canada News 30,000 Labor Shortage

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In the same time frame, it is anticipated that there will be a shortage of 24,000 general farm, nursery, and greenhouse workers. Additionally, in ten years, 60% of the current farm operators will be over the age of 65, or very close to retirement.

According to a study in Canada, despite all of this, 66% of producers do not have a succession plan in place, casting doubt on the future of farmland.

Canada’s farming area is among the most different on the planet however the level of interest for unfamiliar specialists varies fundamentally by region and activity.

Canada News:- It has always welcomed highly skilled farm operators from India, the Netherlands, China, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

However, the study stated that better policies are required when it comes to the immigration of low-skilled laborers because the Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) program, which continues to be a significant source of low-skilled labor, is only a temporary solution to a long-standing problem.

A considerable lot of these TFWs who foster abilities fundamental to cultivating and reaps, should get back to their nations of origin for brief periods, and in the event that they can’t get back to Canada, the nation’s on-ranch labor force is emphatically diminished.

According to Canada News, RBC researchers, providing experienced TFWs with a path to permanent residency will immediately address this kind of shortage.

\According to a report from CBC News, Canada had begun a pilot immigration program focused on agriculture in 2020 to provide non-seasonal workers with experience with a pathway to permanent residency. The program will end in May 2023.

As of February 2023, a larger number of than 1,500 individuals have been conceded through the program in Ottawa territory.

CBC was informed by a spokesperson for the department that they are evaluating the pilot program and its “possibility of extension beyond its scheduled expiration.”

Giving migrants permanent residence “is not the solution to labor shortages,” the spokesperson added.

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