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Canada’s Express Entry program A step-by-step guide.

Express Entry is the quickest and most popular method for landing a permanent residency in Canada. The public authority of Canada utilizes an online framework called Express Entry which processes and arranges the applications for skilled workers to immigrate and enter Canada for permanent residence.

There are three national economic programs:

Express Entry

1. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

  • for skilled workers who have Canadian work experience
  • work experience probably been gained in the 3 years before you apply

2. Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

  • for skilled workers who are qualified in a skilled exchange
  • should have a substantial job offer or a declaration of qualification

3. Federal Skilled Worker (FSW)

  • for skilled workers with unfamiliar work experience
  • should meet measures for education and different variables

Step 1: Check your eligibility

There are 2 ways to find out if you’re eligible for a program that is part of under Express Entry:

Step 2: Check your CRS score

If you’re eligible for at least one of the Express Entry programs and submit your profile, you’ll be positioned in the Express Entry pool utilizing the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

The CRS is a points-based system used to

  • evaluate and score your profile and
  • rank it in the Express Entry pool

     To be invited, you need to have a score above the minimum points score for your round of invitations.

Step 3: Prepare your paperwork.

To submit a profile, you do not need to upload any documents, however you may require information from some or all of the following:

  • a passport or other means of travel
  • Venezuelans with passports: When you establish a profile or fill out an application, you might need to do additional steps.
  • If you’re applying through the Federal Skilled Workers Program or you wish to earn points for your education from outside of Canada, you may need to provide language test results, proof of Canadian schooling, or an evaluation report of your educational credentials.
  • if you have a nomination from your province
    If you have a formal job offer from a Canadian employer, documentation of your employment history, and a certificate of certification in a trade profession issued by a Canadian province or territory, all of these things are required.

  • The papers you used to create your profile must be uploaded in their original form. The majority of candidates must additionally upload the following:

  • Police clearances

  • medical tests

  • evidence of money

  • birth certificate necessary if you’re reporting children as dependents

  • use of a representative form necessary if you have one common-law union form necessary if you have designated your marital status as “common-law”
    If you listed “married” as your marital status, you must present a marriage certificate.

  • If you have indicated that you are divorced, you must have a divorce certificate and a formal separation agreement.
    If you’ve proclaimed yourself to be “widowed,” you need a death certificate.

  • The requirement for an adoption certificate when a dependent kid is labeled as “adopted”

  • other paperwork
    If IRCC includes these in your unique document checklist, you just need to submit these. If you don’t provide these documents, your application might not be denied or rejected. They are solely used to determine whether you are qualified for the program you are applying for.

  • proof of relationship to a relative in Canada

  • digital photos to confirm your identity

  • other name to confirm aliases

  • authority to release personal information to a designated individual form

  • any other documents that you feel are relevant to your application

Step 4: Fill out your profile

Your Express Entry profile is where you provide information about yourself. If you’re eligible, IRCC will accept you into our pool of candidates and give you a CRS score.

Completing an online Express Entry profile or entering the pool doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get an invite to apply for permanent residence.

You can only apply online if you are sent an invitation to apply.

Step 5: Get an invitation and apply

IRCC sends out invitations to apply to the candidates with the highest scores in the pool. If you are invited to apply, you’ll have 60 days to submit your application.

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