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Canada’s immigration plan is at risk due to a worsening housing crunch

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is confronting calls to fortify Canada’s border controls as the nation’s open way to approach immigration worsens a housing shortage how to canada immigration.

Francois Legault, the premier of Quebec, said that Trudeau should reevaluate his message of welcome to potential newcomers The number of asylum seekers in Canada’s second-most populous province has recently increased. attempting to cross the US border irregularly south of Montreal.

Legault said that public services cannot accommodate all newcomers. We have welcomed more people than we can handle. We have problems with housing, school places, and hospital staff In Quebec City, the premier told reporters this.

He mentioned a tweet the prime minister sent following the inauguration of Donald Trump in January 2017, declaring that people fleeing persecution and war would always be welcomed in Canada. Legault stated, “It’s time for Trudeau to send a new tweet saying not to come.”

Faced with the aging population and labor shortage, This year, the government of Canada intends to welcome 465,000 new permanent residents and raise the annual goal for 2025 to 500,000. The number of non-permanent immigrants, like international students, is rising even more. Rents are rising in the country’s largest cities as a result of the resulting population growth, which is the fastest among the Group of Seven nations ( apply For Canada PR ).

Though the government’s pledge to accelerate home construction by twice as much, Accommodation supply is significantly outstripping demand. Finding apartments has become extremely difficult with the lowest rental building vacancy rate since 2001 at less than 2%.

Legault is not the only one to criticize The head of one of the biggest banks in Canada warned, this week of social trouble that could week if immigration(canada immigration news) , housing, and labor policies are not improved.

New Canadians want to live here and need a roof over their heads if they are going to do so We must correct that policy rather than merely saying, Isn’t it wonderful that so many people want to visit Canada? (tourist visa canada)  “Victor Dodig, president and CEO of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, told a business audience in Toronto on Tuesday The entire ecosystem must function. If they are unable to acquire a home or a doctor, That doesn’t look good if they can’t find work. How to canada immigration

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