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China set to resume issuing visas, eases entry policies as it emerges from Covid zero

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China will resume issuing visas to tourist and other visitors, a move that will help country rejoin the global community and leave its Covid restrictions behind.

The National Immigration Administration said that foreigners who have valid visas that were issued before March 28, 2020, will be allowed to enter China. The country is changing its visa and entry policies to make it easier to cross the border.

A statement from the Chinese embassy in the United States stated that the change takes effect on Wednesday. According to the notice, foreigners traveling in groups from Hong Kong and Macau and on cruise ships making a stop in Shanghai will also be able to enter Guangdong province without a visa.

After Beijing declared victory over the virus, the restrictions will be eased. China is abandoning its absoluteist Covid Zero regime by reopening to tourists, a highly symbolic sign. Economic growth suffered as a result of the strategy, which included frequent lockdowns, mass testing, and effectively closing the border. In the midst of worsening economic conditions and protests in a number of Chinese cities, it was abruptly scrapped at the beginning of December.

Prior to the pandemic, China received tens of millions of international visitors annually, and the country’s tourism industry has been severely impacted by stringent anti-Covid measures. After China reopens its borders, analysts predict a significant increase in international arrivals.

In addition, tour groups will be permitted to travel to 60 countries, up from 20 previously.

India’s engagement with China complex: MEA in annual report

India's engagement with China complex: MEA in annual report

According to the Ministry of External Affairs’ annual report, India’s engagement with China is complex, and border issues have an impact on overall ties and disturbed peace in border regions.

By India’s Press Trust: According to a report released on Monday by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), India’s engagement with China is “complex” and Chinese efforts to unilaterally alter the status quo along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh from April to May 2020 seriously disrupted border peace and impacted overall ties.

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