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Dubai Visit Visa: UAE scraps 10-day grace period for visitors

Dubai Visit Visa, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, has recently revised its visa policies. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government has scrapped its 10-day grace period for visitors with visit visas.

A Local travel agents and call center workers told Khaleej Times that if their tourist visa runs out, they will no longer have a 10-day grace period to leave the UAE. A statement on the same is expected from the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security (ICP) soon.

Dubai Visit Visa

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Dubai Visit Visa: According to its report, Indian travel agents have already shared the new directive with their customers or clients.

“There is no longer a grace period. From the date of section or entry, the stay duration is according to the type of visa (30 days or 60 days),” a travel agent tells its clients.

In the past, individuals who stayed beyond the validity of their visa were granted an additional ten days to leave the UAE without incurring penalties. Those who extend their stay will now be subject to a daily fine of DH50.

According to Firosekhan, the operation manager at Arabian Business Centre (Amer Centre – Sheikh Zayed Road), tell Khaleej Times that “all emirates except Dubai have done away with the 10-day grace period for visit visas.” The grace period is only available for visas issued in Dubai. On May 15, authorities in Dubai Have also removed the grace period. This means a visitor or tourist must exit the country before their visas expire. Failing this, overstay fines will apply”.

Tourists who do not renew their visas will be detained for illegally remaining in the country In order to apprehend the culprits, inspection campaigns will be conducted.

“A person who overstays the visa term will be required to pay Dh50 per day, along with Dh320 for any applicable fees and exit permits. A person overstaying for 10 days will have to pay Dh500 plus Dh320, which is the required Dh820,” said Subair, a travel agent in Dubai Visit Visa.

Dubai tourist visa validity was increased from 30 days to 60 days. On application, It was also to allowed to be renewed for an additional 30 or 60 days, giving tourists up to 120 days to enjoy the UAE.

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