Easiest Countries To Get A Schengen Visa

Easiest Countries To Get A Schengen Visa

If you have been pondering the idea of visiting a Schengen visa countries for your next occasion, you are in good company. However, since Schengen Visa countries receive millions of applications from all over the world every year, the probability of having your Schengen visa rejected is high. To prevent the possibility of getting your Schengen visa application rejected, you can apply to countries that have the highest statistics when it comes to visa issuing rates. This automatically augments your chances of obtaining a Schengen visa.

But before enlisting some of the easiest Schengen visa countries, let’s take a step back and understand what a Schengen visa means.

What is a Schengen Visa?

The Schengen Visa Countries area includes 26 European nations that have officially eliminated all passports and other kinds of border control protocols at their mutually shared borders. Basically, they are a combination of passport-free visa travel areas in the world because their visa-related policies are similar. Any Schengen visa holder can travel freely within the designated areas without having to undergo border checks.

A Schengen visa Countries holders can stay in any country belonging to the Schengen region for up to 90 days in a half year. While all of this sounds like an interesting proposition, there is just one problem: not all countries are lenient in issuing the Schengen visa Countries.

On the other side, to encourage explorers, there are some Schengen nations where barely any voyagers apply for Schengen visas, and in this way, these nations have a decent history of giving Schengen visas.

Presently before you figure out which is the simplest country in Europe to get a vacationer visa for, you should initially put resources into a thorough worldwide travel protection plan. it will go about as a monetary security net in the event that things turn out badly when you are away from home. Moreover, when you venture out abroad to Schengen nations, having travel protection is a compulsory necessity. All Schengen nations expect explorers to have voyaging protection that is substantial in the Schengen region however long their visit might last.

Things being what they are, where do you get worldwide travel protection from? You can pick any dependable travel guarantor in India. Goodbye AIG, for instance, is one of the top insurance agency with a huge number of cheerful clients. Purchasing a worldwide travel protection plan from our site is totally simple, and the case settlement is additionally bother free. You can likewise look at movement protection anticipates Goodbye AIG prior to picking the one that suits you best.

Presently, moving along, we should investigate Schengen visa nations that have a decent history for giving Schengen visas to explorers.

Top 10 Easiest Schengen Visa Countries

If you are planning a vacation to Schengen Visa Countries, here is a list of places that rank the highest when it comes to approving visa applications for travelers:


Lithuania is one of the easiest Schengen visa countries, with just a 1.3% of dismissal rate for momentary applications in the year 2018. This intends that as numerous as 98.7% of candidates got a positive reaction for their Schengen visa application. An essential explanation is that the quantity of Schengen visa applications that Lithuania gets is less than contrasted and nations like Germany and France. This likewise implies that candidates don’t have to sit tight for a really long time to get an arrangement and furthermore have a lesser holding up period to catch wind of the situation with their application,


When you apply for a Schengen visa in Greece, you will be happy to find out that as many as 95% of applications receive a positive response. Or on the other hand they did according to the 2017 measurements. This is maybe the justification for why Greece positions among the top Schengen visa nations and is a number one among travelers for transient stays.



Estonia is one more Baltic country that comes to the rundown of one of the most straightforward nations to get a visa from. The dismissal paces of 2018 uncover that 98.4% of the voyagers who applied got a positive reaction to their transient visa. This implies that just 1.6% of utilizations were turned somewhere near the Estonian consulate. Moreover, Estonia additionally gets not many visa applications when contrasted with different nations, which means scantily jam-packed international safe havens.


In 2018 just 1.7% of the visa applications to Iceland were dismissed, which makes Iceland an extraordinary spot to apply for a Schengen visa. The main issue with applying from Iceland is that since it is for the most part addressed by different nations as it doesn’t have many departments of its own, candidates first need to check where to apply as departments addressing Iceland can be packed.


Notwithstanding the big number of visa applications it gets, it is not difficult to get an Europe Schengen visa from Finland. The dismissal rate in Finland was just 1.7% which implies it is one more way for simple Europe visas for Indian residents.


Loaded up with a few palatial features, Latvia is another of the Baltic nations from where voyagers find it more straightforward to secure a Schengen visa. Out of the numerous explorers that applied to Latvia, as numerous as 97.5% accepted their visas, while just 2.1% of the applications were dismissed.


The picturesque and little Luxemburg could be your direction into the Schengen nations. Luxemburg is maybe one of the least demanding nations to get an Europe Schengen visa. This is perhaps why a few apply for Europe visa from Luxembourg. Getting an Europe visa is especially helpful for voyagers who are trying to visit adjoining nations like Belgium, France, and Germany. With a dismissal pace of just 3.7%, Luxemburg is a decent spot to apply for Europe visa.


It could be eminent for chocolates, cheddar, and watches, however, taking everything into account, Switzerland is the most straightforward country in Europe to get a traveler visa. The picturesque vistas of Switzerland make it a well known vacation destination, and it imparts its boundaries to Italy, France, and Germany for every one of the wayfarers who are amped up for capitalizing on their Europe Schengen visa. Switzerland is an incredible advance for a simple Europe visa for Indian residents.


A genuine dream objective for cycle fans, Denmark has an extremely low visa dismissal pace of 8.1%. It is moderately simple to get your Schengen visa from the consulate of Denmark.


With a dismissal pace of 10.53%, candidates can likewise consider Sweden for their Schengen visa. Sweden imparts its boundaries to Denmark, Norway, and Finland for voyagers who have a weakness for winter relaxes The dismissal rate in Sweden is lower when contrasted with a couple of Europe visa nations.

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