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About Austria

Austria is considered as one of the richest countries in the world, Austria draws in immigrants from around the globe which provides high living standard and career growth. For students the tuition cost charged is less as compared to public universities and universities in countries like US. It provides many benefits to professionals to live and settle permanently in Austria. If you want to migrate to Austria, Read this page to have a clear understanding. One of the strongest performing economies in the world, Austria Immigration is a culturally-diverse nation with a highly-skilled workforce. A land like no other, . Austria is the only country in the world to take up an entire continent.

Austria Country is currently estimated at around 8.8 million peoples, with ethnic Austrians being the single biggest group at 90% of the population. The Official currency of Austria is the Euro (EUR)

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Immigration to Austria is guaranteed Perfect future. Austria is a popular destination for expats looking to move abroad. In fact, in 2018, 19% of the population living in Austria was born in a foreign country. And this number was higher in big cities. where the foreign-born population was 25% in 2018.

Introducing the Republic of Austria which can be described as one of the earliest and the most beautiful European countries. Population census performed in 2018 shows that the population of Austria is currently estimated at around 8.8 million people, with ethnic Austrians being the single largest ethnic group at 90% of the population.

The Official currency of Austria is the Euro (EUR). Austria is a member state of the European Union and of the Schengen area, which provides many benefits for its passport owner and residents. Austria immigration currently offers a legal economic citizenship program, allowing a direct path to citizenship or residence permit with no residency requirements for individuals and their families.

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Types of Austrian visas

There are two different types of visas for Austria: short-term and long-term visas.  These depend on the purpose of your visit.

Short-term Austrian visas

  • A VisaIt is also known as a transit visa allow travelers to travel through an Austrian airport, as a stop-over on their journey. This type of visa is issued to a person who is traveling through Austria and they need to make a transit stop until they can travel to their Stopping place. A transit visa is always issued from your country of origin.
  • C Visa  This is a short-term visa that allows you to stay in Austria for up to 90 days within a period of 180 days. This would apply to third-country nationals that do not already have visa-free entry to Austria. A Schengen Austria visa can be of different types: Austria Tourist Visa, Austria Business Visa, Austria Medical Visa
  • D Visa- also known as a resident visa since it’s a long term visa. It allows you to stay in Austria from 91 days up to six months, this can be extended to 12 months.

Types of D visas for Austria include:

  • Work Visa Austria
  • Student Visa Austria
  • Family Visa Austria

Long-term Austrian visas

An Austrian long term visa is suitable for visitors who intend to stay in Austria for longer than 90 days.

The long term visa (Visa D) allows the owner to stay in Austria for a duration of 91 days to Six months.

Austria residence permit

To Austria Immigration is guaranteed Perfect Future. Therefore many peoples are interested in the possibility of obtaining a residence permit and subsequent citizenship an Austria is one of the most developed countries in the Europe. There are many ways to get a residence permit in Austria.

 Austrian Residence permit  available for visitors who want to stay in Austria for longer than Six months.

These include:

permit to Education

Third Country Family Member

Residence permit for executives

Austria employment permit

Red-White-Red (RWR) card

Immigration to Austria is possible through Red-White-Red Card. This card is granted for a period of 12 months and designates the card holder for a designated time period and be employed by a specified employer.

The following are the Eligible persons for Red-white-Red card.

  • Highly skilled workers
  • Qualified workers in the occupations that are in shortage
  • Other important workers
  • Austrian university graduates and the graduates from the colleges of higher education
  • Self-employed workers who are in key occupations/positions.

European Union Blue card

The European Union Blue Card is similar to the Red-White-Red (RWR) Card, but it operates across the European Union. Holder of an EU Blue Card can obtain work permits in other member states more easily.

Red-White-Red-Card plus

The Red-White-Red Card plus entitles you as a third-country national to Long -term settlement and unlimited Labour market access.

Employment permit and Settlement permit.

The residence permit called Settlement Permit  enables third-country nationals to Content in Austria immigration for a limited period of time and only to work on a self-employed basis, which means that they are not allowed to pursue helpful employment.


  • Highest Quality of Life in the world
  • Well-developed & Free Education System
  • Most Culture-oriented country
  • High Employment rate & Income
  • Social Security Benefits
  • The facility of Pension & Parental Benefits
  • Low Cost of Living

Jobs with High Demand in Austria :-

The Demand for Jobs in Austria is increasing Day by Day. The country receives more than 20 million visitors every year.

Industries & SectorsSalaries
IT, Computer Science and Software€55,354
Engineering ( Electrical, Mechanical & Civil)€50,350
Accounts, Finance & Business Analysts€56,758
Economists & Management Experts€54,702
Hotel Management & Hospitality€50,350
Teachers & Professors€72,480

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