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India and Canada Explore Mutual Recognition of Educational Qualifications

During an official visit to Canada, Indian Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal engaged in discussions with his Canadian counterpart, Mary Ng, on the potential for dual degrees, mutual recognition of educational qualifications, and the establishment of campuses.


The aim was to enhance economic ties between the two countries and enable the youth to contribute to economic development. These topics were addressed during their meetings, as Goyal highlighted the importance of mutual recognition and dual degrees across professional bodies.

During his visit, the Indian minister actively sought investments from Canada and invited Canadian businesspeople to partake in India’s journey of economic growth. He emphasized that India prioritizes not only high-quality standards in goods and services but also the delivery of such standards.

The minister also expressed appreciation for the swift progress made in negotiations for the Early Progress Trade Agreement (EPTA), which serves as a transitional step towards the re-launched India-Canada Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) negotiations.

Additionally, he highlighted India’s stable business environment as an attractive factor for potential investors.

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