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Indian-American Leader Urges Removal of 7% Country Limit on Green Cards

An eminent Indian-American neighborhood chief from Silicon Valley has advised US lawmakers to cast off the prevailing seven percent cap on inexperienced cards, gazing that the country-specific restriction on the most sought-after residency record has created enormous backlogs.

A Green Card is a report issued to immigrants to the US as proof that the bearer has been granted the privilege of living in the united states of America permanently.

Speaking at the US-India summit held at the US Capitol on Wednesday, Ajay Jain Bhutoria, an entrepreneur and neighborhood leader, requested why there used to be a cap on the Green Card is no longer on an H-1 visa.

“When we do no longer have a country’s restriction on giving an H-1 visa to guide our companies, agencies, and economy.

Why must we have us of a cap restriction on inexperienced card issuance,” Bhutoria stated at the summit organized by way of Indian-American Congressman Ro Khanna in his ability as Co-chair of the Congressional India Caucus.
The per-country caps are numerical limits on the issuance of inexperienced playing cards to folks from positive countries.


Immigration regulation affords for about 140,000 employment-based inexperienced playing cards to be issued every year.

However, solely seven percent of these inexperienced playing cards can go to folks from a single USA annually.

If the wide variety of men and women being subsidized from a single United States is larger than seven percent of the annual handy total, backlog types and the extra authorized petitions are now not viewed till a visa will become handy and their petition falls inside the preliminary seven percent per-country cap.(america)

“These country-specific caps have created sizeable backlogs, forcing people from positive countries-primarily India and China in the employment-based categories- to wait plenty longer than common to acquire their inexperienced cards, honestly due to the fact of their united states of America of origin,” he said.

“We estimate that extra than 880,000 people, together with structured spouses and children, are ready in the US in employment-based inexperienced card backlogs.

“In some categories, candidates who commenced the method in 2012 are simply now capable to file formally, which means they may also have waited extra than a decade to be part of their families, even though they have been already certified to do so.

These wait instances are projected to prolong up to 50 years if the regulation is now not changed,” Bhutoria said.

Making a targeted presentation, Bhutoria stated that the wide variety of college students coming to the US from India on common is around 180-190 thousand per year.

There are 85,000 H-1B work visas issued each and every yr and out of which almost 60 percent of H-1B visas are issued by way of an honest lottery gadget to tech employees from India, so around 51,000-60,000 H-1B visas.

This 7,000-8,000 consists of dependents of important applicants, so roughly 2,000 Individual H-1B candidates get green playing cards every 12 months for humans of India.

Bhutoria stated 180-190 thousand college students from India come right here to study, 50,000-60,000 get H-1B and solely roughly 2,000 get inexperienced playing cards each yr due to the country’s seven percent cap limit, the relaxation candidates proceed to stay an unsure life.

“So the request is to dispose of the seven percent limit,” Bhutoria said.

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