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Indian Community Leader in Australia Found Guilty of Sexual Offenses by Sydney Court

Balesh Dhankhar, an outstanding member of the Indian

Balesh Dhankhar, an outstanding member of the Indian neighborhood in Australia, was once located responsible for raping 5 Korean female in Sydney after drugging them, a media record stated on Monday which described him as “one of the worst rapists” in the city’s latest history.

A District Court jury in Sydney’s Downing Centre on Monday located the “politically linked predator” who lured 5 Korean girls into a net of lies, paralyzed them with drugs, and hoarded trophies of his callous assaults, the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reported.

It additionally suggested that he used to be the former chief of the ‘Overseas Friends of the BJP in Australia.
Dhankhar additionally recorded his sexual assaults through the use of a digicam hidden in his bedside alarm clock and on his phone, it said.

Former OFBJP Australia chief

Dhankhar, a records expert, cried on Monday as the jury foreman responded “guilty” to every one of the 39 expenses in opposition to him.

He requested to stay on bail however Judge Michael King refused earlier than Dhankhar used to be handcuffed and led away by using officers. Dhankhar, 43, will face the courtroom once more in May and will be sentenced later in the year, the file said.

Dhankhar offered his family property and homes to fund his criminal defense. He was once assigned a rising celebrity barrister.

In 2018, police observed dozens of movies of Dhankar with different women, the record added. Sometimes the female is unconscious, in different instances they war and groan as if in a nightmare.

The movies have been sorted into folders, everyone labeled with a Korean woman’s name. Then detectives discovered a collection of bookmarks in Dhankhar’s browser.

One video went for ninety-five minutes, a montage of unconscious ladies subjected to sex.

The New South Wales Police officer in cost of Dhankhar’s case, Sergeant Katrina Gyde, suspected Dhankhar used to be residing out of a disturbed fantasy.

“The movies (bookmarked online) are very comparable to the movies you took,” Crown prosecutor Kate Nightingale stated in this month’s trial.

“You idea it used to be fun.. looking at Korean females who have been unconscious, impaired,” the prosecutor said.

“It is simply a porn video, it has nothing to do with the unconscious, or impaired,” Dhankhar insisted.
Dhankhar recorded his sexual assaults with the use of a digicam hidden in his bedside alarm clock and on his phone.

The contents of the movies are too confronting to describe in detail. The jury writhed as they watched the videos. At one stage it grew to become too a great deal and they requested to be despatched domestically early, the file said.

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