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Canada waives medical exam requirement for 180,000 immigration applicants

Canada’s demand/interest for Gifted/skilled workers is high, yet the public authority has severe necessities with regard to supporting candidates in its Canada Immigration/ migration programs. This means that many deserving candidates are left out because they don’t meet all the criteria required by the Authority/government.

The Canadian government has a tough/difficult job when it comes to selecting immigrants who are allowed to live in this country. They have a few distinct projects yet everyone has their own measures that should be met by any candidate keen on settling down there.

Canadian Immigration Program

There is more/excess than 80 immigration/migration programs run by the Canadian government to let people work and settle in Canada.

There are both super durable and brief Canadian Migration classes that you can apply for.

As a Canadian permanent resident, you get access to medical services/healthcare policies and the greater part of different advantages that the residents of Canada get .

Canada waives medical exam requirement for 180,000 immigration applicants

Canada is waiving the requirement for medical/Clinical Tests/exams for around 180,000 Candidates/applicants for temporary and permanent/ long-lasting residents who are already in Canada, provided they meet certain criteria.

The policy exempts certain low-risk, in-Canada, foreign nationals from presenting a migration clinical assessment (IME) as a component of their application when their past IME has terminated, the Movement, Outcasts and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) declared.

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  • a new or pending application for permanent or temporary residence or a long-lasting/permanent resident visa, made from within Canada
  • Finished/completed an immigration/migration medical exam within the most recent 5 years and posed no risk to public health or safety, or reported to public health authorities for monitoring, as required

The temporary public strategy/policy exemption will remain in effect until October 6, 2024.

When presenting/submitting an application, applicants must provide the unique medical identifier number from their previous clinical test/medical exam.

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Candidates/Applicants who are not qualified/eligible under this temporary public policy are required to undergo an IME as per usual health screening strategies/procedures.

The declaration/announcement comes at a time when Canada has been grappling with a developing movement build-up, made worse by the pandemic. As per the latest/most recent data, over 2.6 million applicants were still waiting for a review.

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