50% of student visa applicants from India were rejected by Australian Govt.

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Nearly 50% of student visa applicants from India were rejected by Australian authorities in 2022

The most recent immigration data was recently released by Australian authorities, and nearly half of the students from India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka who applied for a student visa were turned/rejected.

As per a number of reports, Australian visa authorities were concerned about applicants’ bona fides. The international visa for vocational students in India, Pakistan, and Nepal, has dropped to less than one in four.

Indian Students Face Hurdles in Getting Australian Visas

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For the majority of 2022, visa grant rates for vocational education students, particularly those from these nations, have been below 50%. Out of more than 900 student applications for vocational studies, 34 received approval, or 3.8%.

Nearly 96,000 Indian students have started studying in Australia as of July 2022, making up the second-largest group of International students after China.

Traditionally, Australian migration specialists will generally subject seaward Professional Schooling and Preparing (VET) candidates to a more serious level of examination and in this way has a higher rejection/dismissal rate.

Indian and Pakistani students now have success rates of 56% and 57%, respectively, in higher education. In the Meanwhile, Nepali students received only 33% of visas in advanced /higher education and 15% of visas in professional/vocational education.

Clare O’Neil, the minister in charge of Home Affairs in Australia, recently called the immigration system ‘clunky, expensive, and is just not working.’

She has announced that consultant John Azarias, lawyer Joanna Howe, and former Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson will lead a “comprehensive review” of Australia’s migration system.

An enlisted relocation specialist situated in Melbourne, Vishal Sharma who has clients from India and Nepal expressed that a significant number of visas that were dismissed/rejected were done so on the basis of the non-genuine entrant.

According to Sharma, who spoke with The Australia Today, “There has been a significant number of visas that are refused on the basis of non-genuine entrant without even properly considering the circumstances of genuine students who were planning to study in Australia.”

He did, however, draw attention to the increasing number of dodgy agents based in India who are attempting to arrange student visas using forged documents.

In an effort to speed up visa processing, the Australian government has divided up the work and hired more new employees.

Australian higher education regulator Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) has also advised Australian institutions to keep an eye on their education agents and the international students they enroll.

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