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Questions for the IR1 Visa Interview

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An IR1 visa is a family-based green card granted to a U.S. citizen’s spouse. This allows a foreign national spouse to join their loved one in the United States on a permanent basis, allowing them to freely travel and work in the country, among other perks granted to family-based green card holders.


Although the IR1 visa is a fantastic chance for foreign nationals who are legally married to a US citizen, the procedure can be complicated and difficult if you aren’t prepared at every stage. Many couples find the IR1 visa interview challenging, therefore it’s necessary to review and practise IR1 visa interview questions ahead of time. While you and your spouse most likely know each other well and have good intentions, you and your spouse must still adequately prepare for the interview. Questions for the IR1 Visa Interview


What Are the Interview Questions for the IR1 Visa?

The IR1 visa interview questions may fluctuate from couple to couple, making it impossible to predict exactly what will be asked. This should not, however, prevent you from properly preparing. During your IR1 visa interview, you can expect to be asked about the following general topics: Questions for the IR1 Visa Interview


The Wedding’s Specifics (i.e., location, who was in attendance, etc.)

There will almost probably be wedding-related queries. The consular may inquire about the wedding’s precise location (city and venue), who was in attendance (and how many), and other minor details. They might also inquire about the best man/maid of honour, the honeymoon, and any other information related to the date of the wedding.

The Present (and Future) of Your Relationship With Your Spouse

The consulate may inquire about your current condition with your spouse and where you envision the marriage in the future, in addition to data about your former relationship with your spouse. For instance, you might be asked:


Have you got any kids?

Do you have any plans for more in the future?

What activities do you love doing with your partner?

Do you and your partner spend a lot of time together?

Do you have joint or separate accounts?


You are not required to give perfect answers to these questions, and it is acceptable to discuss relationship issues that you and your husband are working through if they are brought up. The most important thing, though, is to provide consistent responses and to be on the same page as your partner. Questions for the IR1 Visa Interview

Information On Education And Employment

Finally, both you and your spouse are likely to face queries about schooling and job. This could include questions about where (and whether) each of you went to college, your respective degrees, your spouse’s first job, current work statuses, and professional goals. Once again, it’s critical that you get to know your partner and grasp their educational, professional, and career ambitions.

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