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Schengen visa rejection rates for Indians among the highest in the world

India has one of the highest for Schengen visa rejection rates in the world.

Schengen visa rejection rates for Indians among the highest in the world

Indian travelers have one of the highest rejection rates in the world for Schengen visa.In 2022, Indians applied for more than 6 lakh visas, which was the third highest number in the world. However, 18 percent of those applications were denied, according to recent statistics.
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India’s Schengen visa applications were rejected by Estonia, Malta, and Slovenia the most, while Germany, Italy, and Hungary accepted the most.

In 2022, the highest percentage of India’s 1,986 visa applications were turned down by Estonia, at 56 percent. Malta rejected 45 percent of 2,732 visas, while Slovenia rejected 44.5%.

Germany had the most minimal dismissal rate for Indians. The Bengaluru department dismissed just eight out of 6,345 Schengen visas, Kolkata dismissed one application and Chennai two.

With rejection rates of 11.5% (794 of 6,909 visas rejected) and 12.1% (1,098 of 9,046 visas rejected), Italy and Hungary came in second and third, respectively.

In 2022, Schengen visa embassies all over the world received a total of 7,572,755 applications for short-term visas. Although this number was up from the previous two years, it was still 55% less than the number of visas processed in 2019 prior to the pandemic.

With 778,409 applications, Turkey leads the pack. Russia comes in second with 687,239 applications, and India comes in third with 671,928 applications. Russia, China, and India were the top three markets for applicants in 2019, the standard year for comparison.

The Schengen area, the largest free travel zone in the world, includes 26 nations: 22 EU members, in addition to Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland. Practically 1.7 million individuals live in one Schengen nation and work in another. Around 3.5 million individuals cross an inner line every day.

It permits individuals going between its part nations to cross by and large without showing a visa, ID card, or visa.

Croatia was the furthest down the line country to be casted a ballot into the Schengen zone, permitting voyagers to visit the country on a Schengen visa from January 1, 2023.

One can stay in the Schengen area for up to 90 days over 180 days with a visitor’s visa. The handling time for these visas is somewhere in the range of 15 and 30 days. One can apply up to six months in advance to speed up the process.

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The Schengen Visa For Indians cost for children between 6 to 12 years of age increased from €35 to €40 ($45) in January 2020. Children younger than six can apply for free.

Schengen Visa Requirements for Indian Citizens
  1. Application form. ...
  2. Your Indian passport (original plus a copy). ...
  3. Identity photographs. ...
  4. Civil status certificate. ...
  5. Proof of accommodation. ...
  6. Round-trip Flight Itinerary. ...
  7. Travel health insurance. ...
  8. Proof of paid visa fee.

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Which Schengen Visa Has The Fastest Processing Time? The country with the fastest Schengen visa processing time is Lithuania. Places like Germany and France get many visa applications because they're very popular with tourists and business travelers.