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Students who intend to study in the US can apply for a visa one year in advance.

A student can enter the US 30 days before the start of their program on a valid visitor (B) visa.

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A student visa is issued based on the I-20 form issued by their academic institutions.

Washington: The Biden administration has announced that foreign students seeking to study in the US can now apply for visas up to a year prior to the start of their academic term, providing much-needed relief.

However, according to the State Department, international students will not be permitted to enter the country with a student visa for more than 30 days prior to the start of their program.

According to the State Department, “Student (F and M) visas for new students can be issued up to 365 days in advance of the start date for a course of study” are the two types of US visas that are typically granted to international students.

On Tuesday, it stated, “However, you will not be allowed to enter the United States on your student visa more than 30 days before the start date.”

A student with a valid visitor (B) visa can enter the United States before their program begins.

Apply For Study In the US

The I-20 form that students receive from their educational institutions serves as the basis for US Open embassies and consulates issuing student visas.

All students are required to be registered in the Student and Exchange Visitor System (SEVIS) by the State Department.

It stated that each individual must receive a Form I-20 from the student’s academic institution if they intend to live in the USA with the student.

The State Department says that foreign students on F visas must leave the United States within 60 days of the program’s end date on Form I-20, including any approved practical training.

Universities will now be able to accept and issue I-20 forms 12 to 14 months ahead of the term.

Previously, I-20 forms and visa interviews could only be scheduled up to four months before the start of the term.

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Visa Services Julie Stufft told PTI that the United States is “putting every ounce of its energy” into reducing India’s lengthy visa wait times.

She added that India is now ranked second in the world when it comes to the number of international students who come to the United States. Last year, India broke the record for the most student visas, and it may do so again this year Convert usd to inr.

“We are really, we are focusing all of our efforts right now on this visa for visitors, and those, in particular, you don’t have to wait very long for a visa renewal if you don’t need an interview. She added, “And that’s also one part of our strategy as well.”

Concerns about the lengthy wait times for first-time visa applicants, particularly those applying under the B1 (business) and B2 (tourist) categories, have grown in India.

In October of last year, the waiting period for first-time B1/B2 visa applicants in India was close to three years.

After coronavirus-related travel restrictions were lifted, India was one of the very few countries where applications for US visas saw a significant increase.

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