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Need a multiple-entry visa to Europe? This Schengen country is your best option

Multiple-entry visa to Europe: According to the most recent data provided by Schengen Visa Statistics, Germany had the highest rate of issuing multiple-entry Schengen visas.

More than 90.6% of the visas issued by German consulates and visa centers worldwide were multiple-entry, allowing the holder to enter the country more than once, according to the report 2022 Schengen Visa Statistics for Schengen Countries.

According to the data, Germany issued 817,307 visas, 740,356 of which were multiple-entry, out of a total of 1,043,297 visas. Germany not only has the lowest rate of visa rejection, but it also has the highest rate of visa issuance.

As Slovenia got closer to Germany, it issued 81.6% of multiple-entry visas, while Estonia issued 81.3%.

In 2022, France and Spain, which have a significantly smaller share of the issuance of MEVs, received a greater number of applications than Germany. Only 39.3% of visas for multiple entries were issued by Spain, while 40% were issued by France.

With nearly two million Schengen visa applications received in 2022, France was the preferred nation. Additionally, Spain was the second Schengen country that got the most transient visa applications.

multiple entry visa to Europe

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Other nations with a high proportion of MEVs included, in addition to Germany, Slovakia, and Estonia:

Austria – 74.9% of 125,275
Italy – 73.8% of 629,223
Finland – 72.3% of 142,302

Countries that issued the least number of MEVs in 2022 were:

Iceland – 5.8%
Norway – 33.6%
Sweden – 33.6%

According to the data, Germany turned down 16.2% of the applications it received in 2022, while the average rejection rate for all other European nations was 17.9%.

Malta, Sweden, Belgium, and France had the highest rejection rates.

Iceland, Lithuania, Finland, and Latvia were the Schengen states with the lowest rejection rates.

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