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Top 10 Canadian institutions accepting NAAC-accredited open-school degrees

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Canada accepting Bachelor’s degrees from NAAC-accredited universities
  • NAAC accreditation is widely accepted as a mark of quality education in India.
  • To encourage a more diverse student body, Canada accepts students from NAAC-accredited institutions.
  • NAAC-accredited institutions expose students to diverse perspectives and promote a global outlook.
  • NAAC-authorize degrees open new open doors for Indian understudies to seek after advanced education in Canada.
  • The NAAC-accredited institution establishes stronger educational partnerships with Canadian institutions.

In India, NAAC accreditation is highly prized because it indicates that higher education institutions provide high-quality instruction. Canadian colleges and universities have recognized the significance of NAAC accreditation and now accept open-school graduates with NAAC accreditation. We should investigate why Canadian establishments perceive these degrees and give you an exhaustive rundown of colleges and universities in Canada that acknowledge NAAC-certify open-school degrees.

What is accreditation by NAAC?
The Public Appraisal and License Committee (NAAC) is an independent body in India answerable for evaluating and authorizing advanced education foundations. NAAC ensures that educational establishments meet predetermined quality standards through its evaluation procedure. The license fills in as a sign of scholastic greatness and has earned respect both broadly and universally.

Canada is accepting students from NAAC-accredited institutions

The importance of NAAC accreditation and the educational standards it represents have been recognized by Canadian institutions in an increasing number of ways. Canadian colleges and universities demonstrate their appreciation for the NAAC’s evaluation process by admitting students with degrees that have been accredited by NAAC.

This acceptance demonstrates that Canadian educational establishments are committed to welcoming students with diverse educational backgrounds and fostering a multicultural learning environment. India and Canada’s educational partnerships are strengthened by the recognition of NAAC-accredited degrees, which also fosters knowledge exchange and research collaborations.

Top 10 Canadian institutions Accepting NAAC-aAccredited open-school degrees

  • Durham College
  • Crandall University
  • Toronto Metropolitan University
  • Clair College
  • Conestoga College
  • Fleming College (With Good Grades)
  • Brock University
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • The University of Fraser Valley (with Grade 12 Math scores of 45%)
  • Bow Valley College
  • Royal Roads University
  • The University of Canada West


The acknowledgment of NAAC-authorize open-school degrees by Canadian organizations opens up new objections for Indian understudies searching for advanced education open doors in Canada. The acknowledgment of these degrees demonstrates the worth put on quality schooling. You can use your NAAC-accredited degree to explore a wide range of academic and career opportunities in Canada as an Indian student. These establishments give a fantastic learning climate and a multicultural encounter that assistance in self-awareness.

Top 10 Canadian institutions
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