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Top ten undergraduate courses in Canada

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Top ten undergraduate courses in Canada

Canada, as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, is ideal for individuals to not only settle down, but also for students to pursue their education. Canada is ranked second among the G-8 countries for its substantial role in higher education and for having consistently top-ranked universities worldwide. Every year, a large number of overseas students enter the country. Every year, 30,000 students come to Canada to pursue higher education. International students are drawn to Canada for higher education because of the abundance of courses available.


Indian students in Canada prefer the following UG courses.

International students can choose from a variety of courses at universities in Canada. Let’s talk about Canada’s top  undergraduate courses.


  • Information technology is one of Canada’s most popular degrees.


  • Hospitality Administration Because hospitality is the fastest-growing industry in Canada, it is one of the most popular courses among students.


  • Business administration
  • The most popular subject among Indian students in Canada is business management.


  • Engineering education from any Canadian university are highly valued around the world.


  • One of the most appealing courses provided by Canadian institutions is economics.


  • Dental training For years, this training has been in high demand. This is one of the most traditional professional programmes.
  • pharmacist’s assistant This course is designed to help students prepare for the PTCB exam. Students with these credentials are in high demand in the medical field.


Canada’s legal system

Many colleges around Canada offer these well-paid law courses.


Nursing is the lifeblood of the healthcare business. This four-year curriculum assures a job in public relations.


Geosciences courses are becoming increasingly popular. Because of the high demand for metals, deep drilling and exploration are being carried out. There are numerous career options available.


Top institutes for UG in Canada 

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • McMaster University
  • University of Montreal
  • University of Alberta



Eligibility requirements for undergraduate courses in Canada

To be eligible for UG courses, your students must have received a minimum of 50% in 12th grade, have no backlogs, no study gaps, and an IELTS score of 6 bands overall. Students who can demonstrate a stable financial situation have a better chance of getting a visa.

The demand for a given occupation in a country usually determines the number of courses provided each year. Students in Canada are allowed a two- to three-year open work visa to get experience in their area, which can lead to PR if they are interested, or they can return to their home country after earning experience.

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