Trending travel destinations for 2024

Youngsters were extremely disappointed they couldn’t go to Japan during the Covid-19 pandemic. They made up for it, big time, in 2023.

Japan, one of the last nations to re-open its borders/boundaries, became the fastest-growing travel destination for Millennial and Gen-Z travelers in 2023, according to data from American Express. Bookings were up more than 1,300% compared with the “normal” pre-pandemic year of 2019, the organization said.

The information comes alongside American Express’ annual trending travel destinations list released Tuesday, which suggests/proposes places to go in 2024 based on card members’ bookings and ToursXpress Travel consultants’ recommendations. For example, if travelers like the culture and natural beauty of Sedona, Arizona, in the American Southwest, they should try visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico, instead, the company suggests. Amex’s global trend report released earlier this year indicated that 89% of younger travelers say they want to visit someplace they’ve never been before, outside of what might be expected.

Some of those places off the beaten path made it to the top five fastest-growing Travel destinations of 2023–24: the northern Indian province of Rajasthan, home to the cities of Jaipur and Udaipur, where bookings increased more than 600%; and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where bookings increased/expanded more than 400%.

Like Japan, Australia—where appointments were up almost 800% since 2019—endured an extensive pandemic lockdown that made traveling there extremely difficult; in the case of Rajasthan, the prolonged suffering associated with India’s brutal second wave of the pandemic caused a significant slowdown to the travel recovery.

Demand was repressed for these objections, with the tension valve delivering only this year, says Audrey Hendley, leader of American Express Travel.

"Japan has been on the enormous rundown of outings that individuals need to go on and outings are getting booked now further ahead of time," she says. Individuals are currently likewise seeing the country as a potential ski objective, not simply making the run of the mill stops in Tokyo and Osaka, she says.

Rounding out the top five growing Travel destinations for 2023 was a perennial hotspot that managed to keep the momentum growing after strong performance in both 2021 and 2022. Italy came in at number four with an increase of more than 500%, while San Miguel de Allende in Mexico had a 400% rise in bookings.

Different organizations say their data matches up directionally with that of Amex.

“Japan is totally surging in interest,” says Carolyn Addison, head of product at luxury travel outfit Black Tomato. “From the sales side, we saw a 93% increase in Japan bookings versus 2019, and a 175% increase in bookings and appointments from 2022.” In absolute numbers, she says it’s the second most popular country for trips globally this year, second only to Italy—a testament to Japan’s growing year-round appeal.

“While popularity over cherry blossom and festive seasons will never wane, some have embraced traveling over the summer despite the heat,” she says, adding that winter travel to Japan has also surged both for skiing and culturally-driven trips.

Looking forward to 2024, Amex recommends the lesser-known town of Porto Cervo in Sardinia rather than the well-traveled town of Amalfi. “It’s a great alternative—still glamorous without being as busy,” Hendley says. “Our customers don’t want to go to the place they’ve been seeing everywhere on Instagram.”

Looking for inspiration for 2024? Here’s Amex’s list of the top 10 destination suggestions.

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{If you like Sapporo, Japan, try: Niseko, Japan} Japan Tourist Visa

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{If you like Sedona, Arizona, try: Santa Fe, New Mexico}

{If you like the Maldives try: The Seychelles}

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