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Two more Australian universities ban Indian students as fraud concerns grow

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Two more Australian universities have restricted students from part of India, a media report. Do you want to study in Australia

The Victoria’s Federation University and a letter was sent to education agents last week by Western Sydney University in New South Wales educating them to no longer recruit students from Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh, as well as the association region of Jammu and Kashmir, According to the Sydney Morning Herald,

Even though visiting Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about more, the new development comes “Australian and Indian students living and concentrating on in one another’s nations, and, bringing those experiences home”

Also, the two countries signed a partnership agreement on migration and mobility in order to promote the exchange of students, graduates, researchers, and business people.

” Federation University has observed a significant increase in the number of visa applications being refused from some Indian regions by the Department of Home Affairs,” said a letter sent to agents by Federation University. for Indian students who want to study in Australia.

“We hoped this would prove to be a short-term issue, but it is increasingly apparent that a trend is emerging,” the letter, published in The Herald, read.

Australian universities, last month including Edith Cowan University and Victoria University, University of Torrens, Also, students from some Indian states could not attend Southern Cross University, in response to an increase in fake applications for jobs, and not to study in the country.

“A large number of students from India who began their studies in intakes in 2022 have not remained enrolled bringing about a significantly high whittling down rate, In a May 8 message, the Western Sydney University informed agents. study in australia

According to the university, Punjab, Gujarat, and Haryana present the highest attrition risk.

“Due to this matter’s urgency, the university has decided to stop enrollment from these districts in India, effective right away, ” the college message said, likewise, recruiting individuals from all other regions in India will go on as usual.

The ban will remain in place for at least two months, starting in May and June 2023, according to Western Sydney University.

In addition, it stated that additional actions would be taken “to address the problem of students enrolling who are not genuine with students from these regions’ universities including changes to the screening of applications and stricter admissions requirements and an increase in the cost of starting

In India, one out of four applications is now considered ” invalid ” or ” non-genuine” by the Department of Home Affairs, the report said.

A record number of Indian students are expected to enroll in Australia this year, exceeding the previous high of 75,000 in 2019.

An inquiry by the federal parliamentary committee found this week that the rejection rate of Indian applications is 24.3 percent — the highest since 2012.

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