Is UK's new government planning to cut immigration?

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Is UK’s new government planning to cut immigration?

Britain’s new government may be working on a plan to reduce movement/immigration into the country if the latest comments by the country’s top ministers are anything to go by.

Britain has too many low-skilled travelers/migrant laborers/workers and very high numbers of international students, who often brought dependents with them, the country’s new interior minister Suella Braverman said in a meeting with The Sun.

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Braverman said new State leader Liz Truss’s government aimed to stick to a 2019 political/election pledge to lower net migration in an interview ahead of the ruling Conservative Party’s yearly conference.

Finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng said on September 23 that the public authority was looking to survey/review immigration policy as part of an attempt to boost growth, following complaints from business groups that post-Brexit rules were too restrictive, especially for low-paid jobs.

All nonetheless, Braverman said diminishing relocation was a point shared by Support’s senior pastors.

“What we have is an excess of low Skilled/gifted experts coming into this country,” she said. “We’ve also got an exceptionally huge number of understudies coming into this nation and we have an extremely big number of wards.”

“Those individuals/people are coming here, they’re not really working or they’re working in low-talented/skilled positions, and they’re not adding to developing our economy,” she added.

2021 January, most workers must be paid at least 25,600 pounds ($28,570) a year for an employer to support/sponsor a visa, causing issues/problems for employers in sectors such as hospitality, agriculture, and some manufacturing, where lower wages are normal.

Quantities of EU laborers/workers have fallen, yet this has been offset by an expansion in the quantity/number of non-EU laborers/workers, particularly from India. Net migration to England/Britain totaled 239,000 in the year to June 2021, according to the most recent figures from the Office for Public Measurements.

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