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You’ll get a US visa appointment in a week…if you’re ready to fly to these countries

Traveling to USA from India

The United States of America is encouraging travelers to apply for US visa through embassies in other nations in an effort to alleviate the burden placed on India’s consulates.

After the coronavirus-related travel restrictions were lifted, India was one of the few countries where applications for visas to the United States saw a significant increase.

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The following are the current wait times for interview-required visitors applying for B1/B2 US visa at Indian consulates:

  • New Delhi: 596 days

  • Chennai: 625 days

  • Mumbai: 638 days

  • Kolkata: 589 days

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The US Embassy in India announced last week that travelers who cannot afford the long wait could apply for a US visa through a third country.

The US Embassy in India gave Thailand as an example, stating that the island nation has opened up capacity for B1/B2 appointments for Indians who will be in the country in the coming months. In Bangkok, the wait time for a B1/B2 interview is only 14 days.

“Do you have any upcoming trips to other countries? If this is the case, you might be able to schedule an appointment for a visa at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in your destination. For instance, the US embassy stated in a tweet that “@USEmbassyBKK has opened B1/B2 appointment capacity for Indians who will be in Thailand in the coming months.”

Indians traveling to the following destinations may have a shorter wait, although Abu Dhabi (408 days), Dubai (396 days), and Kathmandu (554 days) are still among the most popular options.

E-Visa (Entry Permit US Visa)

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 23 days


  • Hong Kong: 2 days

  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia: 7 days

  • Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand: 14 days

The above times only apply to B1/B2 applicants who need to be at an interview.

Before a visa can be issued, first-time applicants must attend an interview in the United States. A dropbox facility eliminates the need for in-person interviews for those who already hold US visas and wish to renew them.

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