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What makes France ‘THE’ education hub for international students?

France’s colossal influence on the world for luxury, innovation, and hospitality, creative arts, is undeniable. In addition to being one of the most visited Nations/countries (66.6 million international tourists/visitors in 2022), France dominates the world across industries such as fashion, management, business, retail, film-making, manufacturing, finance, biotechnological & environmental technologies, pharmaceuticals, IT, and more.


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Home to 10 globally top-ranked universities (including ESSEC Business School, Skema Business School, ESCP Business School, and HEC), France is among the top five study destinations for international students after the US, Germany, the UK, and Australia. Affordable tuition fees, scholarship opportunities, and quality education draw several international students to France yearly (over 4 million in the 2021-22 session).

The degree programs in France are industry-specific and focus on hands-on learning. They are composed of three terms — two academic and one practical ex/placement. Part-time master’s programs are best suited to working professionals who have completed one week of coursework and three weeks of work experience.

Publicly Owned Student Accommodation & Other Social Security Measures

For a safe stay on low rent, international/Abroad students can opt for residences managed by CROUS (France’s regional centers for student services). The month-to-month lease in these college home corridors is generally 450 Euros in Paris and 350 Euros in different areas.

In addition, France has a policy that covers sixty percent of the medical costs incurred by international students during their stay. In parallel, there are also plans for student health insurance that make up for the difference and reduce medical costs to almost nothing.

Post-Study Work Visa Options in France

After completing their studies, students can obtain a Temporary Resident Permit (APS) for one year to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors or employment opportunities. After completing their education, Indian students can extend their stay in France for an additional 24 months by applying for a Two-Year Extension Visa.

Master’s and Ph.D. holders from France are eligible for a Five-Year Circulation Visa, regardless of when they graduated. Under this, the visa holders can remain (with their mates and youngsters) in the Schengen region for as long as 90 days in a row. Different sections can be arranged with a 90-day hole during the five-year term.

France Leads by Example in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry

Due to its diverse culture, it has the best hospitality and tourism industry. At prestigious universities like Vatel, Hotel & Tourism Business School, and Institut Paul Bocuse, students from all over the world study hospitality and leisure management. Short-term courses in culinary arts, such as pastry diplomas and cuisine certifications, are also well-known in the nation.

A Hub of Luxury and Innovation

Programs in luxury, innovation, and brand management are available at a number of French universities, providing numerous employment opportunities with well-known fashion houses like Dior, Saint Laurent, Chanel, and Hermes.

A World Leader in Business & Finance

With 16 Triple Crown accredited business schools, France ranks second in the world (behind the United Kingdom), one of the most prestigious awards available. A few of the highest-level colleges offer imaginative business programs, like Expert in Global Money, Business Examination, Vital Administration, and Showcasing and Inventiveness. The capstone ventures of these colleges are a significant fascination among the understudies who get to see the corporate world very close.


It is not incorrect to assert that France is a nation of innovation, culture, and opulence. Its cutting-edge programs have given rise to numerous career opportunities in a variety of fields while also preparing young minds to meet international work standards. As a result, students can take advantage of the country’s cutting-edge educational facilities, achieving career fulfillment and holistic development.

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