Why Move To Sweden? 10 Reasons From Actual Expats

Why move to Sweden– If you’re thinking about moving to Sweden or are just curious about life in general, it may be helpful for you to hear other people’s perspectives because, after all, Sweden may seem fairly similar to many other European countries.

I made the decision to omit the unique circumstances of each individual and the reasons that are unlikely to be relatable to most people, such as “I moved because my partner or family member is Swedish.”

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Without further ado, the following are the most typical explanations given by Americans and Britons who relocated to Sweden:

Sweden Offers Livable Salaries in Most Professions

Sweden Offers Clean Air and Clean Water

Sweden Offers Free/Low-cost Education Incl. University

Sweden Offers Long Parental Leave

Sweden Has Low CO2 Emissions & Clean Energy

Sweden Has Many Healthcare Workers Per Capita

Sweden Offers Proximity to Water in Most Places

Sweden’s Economy is Not Depending on Fossil Fuel Exports

Sweden Offers a Healthy Work-Life Balance

There Is Very Little Religious Influence in Swedish Politics

1.Sweden Offers Livable Salaries in Most Professions

In Sweden, the income difference is significantly narrower than it is in the US and the UK, making it more likely that you may live well on a typical working-class salary.

The most widely used indicator of income inequality, the Gini coefficient, shows that Sweden has a very low level of inequality. Sweden is ranked 155th in the world with a Gini index score of 28.8. With Gini scores of 34.8 and 41.1, respectively, the UK ranks 110th and the US ranks 54th in comparison (a lower value is desired since it indicates lesser inequality and better income distribution).

Why move to Sweden

I should note that while the income gap is beginning to increase in Sweden, as it is now the case in most of Northern Europe, it is still significantly lower than it is in the US and the UK.

2.Sweden Offers Clean Air & Clean Water

Even in the larger Swedish cities, the air feels clean, and many foreigners claim that the tap water is of bottled-water quality. Sweden is more committed to environmental protection than most other EU nations and takes great care to maintain its clean air and water.

Why move to Sweden

3.Sweden Offers Free/Low-cost Education Incl. University

Swedes will even be paid every month in the form of a combined study grant and low-interest loan reaching 2732 SEK / 316 USD (in 2021) for EU/EEA/Swiss nationals with permanent residency permits in Sweden.

As of 2021, the average cost for US citizens is 129 000 SEK (14 900 USD) every academic year. Scholarships can be applied for to reduce this cost.

Numerous expats must also take into account the cost of tuition for any children (current or anticipated) who will need to attend preschool or school. These costs are based on the family’s income and are often not more than SEK 1,500 per month.

In Sweden, pupils can attend either public or private schools at no additional expense, which is crucial for those who want to enroll in bilingual schools. Furthermore, with over 70% of students in Sweden having access to their own computers, there is a heavy emphasis on using computers and IT services in schools.

4.Sweden Offers Long Parental Leave

We have three children and have both valued the opportunity to take time off work to spend it with the children during their formative years. Even as a workaholic solopreneur, I have been able to spend quality time with each of my children without stressing about our ongoing financial situation.

A total of 480 days (about 16 months) of paid parental leave are available to parents in Sweden, with 90 of those days designated for each parent (meaning they cannot be used by the other parent). A more equal distribution of parental leave between the mother and father is made possible by the reserved days.

With a cap of around 500 000 SEK ($58 000 USD) every year (beyond which you will not receive additional compensation), the payout is equal to 80% of your usual wage.

5.Sweden Has Low CO2 Emissions & Clean Energy

The Good Country Index places Sweden fourth out of 149 nations for the category Planet & Climate. Sweden has made several efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045, which entails net zero emissions of greenhouse gases.

The US utilizes 75.3% of its total energy from fossil fuels, compared to 13% in Sweden, yet Sweden produces six times as much renewable energy per person as the US does. Swedes also consume six times as much hydroelectric electricity as Americans do.

The nation prides itself on having a minimal carbon impact and is well known for its high gasoline prices and other measures that work against a stable climate. In actuality, the US consumes 75% more oil per person than Sweden, yet Swedish petrol prices are roughly twice as high as US ones.

6.Sweden Has Many Healthcare Workers Per Capita

Some people place a lot of importance on the number of healthcare workers per capita because they believe it shows that a society is providing its citizens with adequate healthcare and that there are no clinic staffing shortages (which can significantly lower the quality of care, as the majority of us have seen firsthand during 2020 and 2021).

In 2019 Sweden had more nurses and midwives (12 in Sweden, 9 in the US, and 8 in the UK), almost twice as many practicing doctors per 1000 population (5.5 in Sweden, compared to both the US (3) and UK (3)).


7.Sweden Offers Proximity to Water in Most Places

I most definitely require living near water in order to feel balanced in life. There’s something alluring about swimming on a beach, fishing in quaint tiny lakes, and being able to gaze out over broad open waters.

You won’t be far from a body of water in most parts of Sweden, whether it’s the coast, a lake, a river, or one of the thousands of smaller streams and bogs dispersed around the nation. In other words, you can always get to water and enjoy the various benefits that come with it (particularly in the summer, but to some extent also in the winter).

In many of Sweden’s coastal regions, whether they be fishing communities, commercial harbors, or just areas with a lot of beach and ocean life in general, life is very much centered around the water.

8.Sweden’s Economy is Not Depending on Fossil Fuel Exports

The export of fossil fuels is more important to some European economies than to others. Examples of countries with public policies centered on seeming “green” while significant amounts of fossil fuels are being extracted and exported concurrently are Norway and the Netherlands.

Sweden, on the other hand, does not rely at all on exporting fossil fuels and, for the most part, lives up to its green reputation and aspiration.

9.Sweden Offers a Healthy Work Life Balance

I firmly believe that everyone should at least have the chance to balance their work and personal lives. It goes without saying that some people enjoy working, and that’s OK (I do too), but it means a lot to know that you can take care of personal and family affairs without getting in trouble with your boss, not to mention that you have access to at least 5 weeks of paid time off annually, which you can use anytime you want or need to.

Working in Sweden often allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance and you can even give your personal ambitions priority while pursuing a successful professional career in many fields that are otherwise quite competitive on a global scale.

Competitive industries like consulting and investment banking are an illustration of this. Swedish coworkers in the same industry can enjoy life as a “latte dad” in between their competitive wheeling and dealing and even receive special considerations when it comes to family duties (like dropping off and picking up kids at preschool/school). This contrasts with my US banker friends, who can sometimes literally work themselves to death.

10.There Is Very Little Religious Influence in Swedish Politics

For many who have come from more divisive environments where religious ideas are more strongly emphasized than scientific research when formulating new legislation, the lack of a significant role for religion in Swedish politics or even the media as a whole is a welcome change.

For many who have come from more divisive environments where religious ideas are more strongly emphasized than scientific research when formulating new legislation, the lack of a significant role for religion in Swedish politics or even the media as a whole is a welcome change.

Additionally, roughly two-thirds of Americans and about a quarter of Britons say that religion plays a significant role in their daily lives. Only approximately one in six Swedes agree, in contrast.

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Why Move To Sweden ?

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