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how to get canada job from india

3 Easy Steps to Get Jobs in Canada from India in 2024

It's the best time to move Canada

3 easy Steps to Get Jobs in Canada from India in 2024

Jobs are one of the most interesting parts of Canada. Especially for Indians, Canada has provided a wide variety of employment opportunities for many decades.


Every year thousands of Indians migrate to Canada mostly because this nation has the best-paying jobs worldwide.

What documents are required to apply for a Jobs in Canada?

For a Canadian job from India, you must have:

What are the documents required to apply for a Job in Canada?

How Can I Get Jobs In Canada from India Easily?

Get a free “professional resume evaluation”, based on the Canadian resume format. Send your CV to us at info@universaldreamservices.in and we will give you tips on how to update your CV.

1. Build an ATS-optimized CV

Creating a resume may seem like a simple task to many of us. However, it takes lots of expertise and experience to create a CV.

Thousands of job applications are received by a company in Canada each month. Manually filtering all of these is a difficult task. So, many companies transfer the task of filtering CVs to an Application Tracking System (ATS).

The purpose of ATS software is to streamline the hiring process, from posting jobs to sorting applications to selecting applicants who appear most promising. The applicant tracking system (ATS) scans all CVs, filtering them according to keywords, resume formats, alignment, photos, and so on.

2. Get the right sources to apply for jobs in Canada

The application process for jobs has completely changed. In 2024, you’ll have to take a multi-channel approach in order to get noticed by employers. LinkedIn and other online Canadian job portals have made it easier than ever to find the right employer.

The best way to get a quick response is to post jobs on multiple Canadian job portals, use social media, contact HR consultants in Canada, or apply for posted jobs directly on the company’s website.

3. Apply for Canada PR visa

You will increase your probability by 3X if you hold a Canada PR. It will be necessary for the employer to identify candidates who have the right to work in Canada without the company sponsoring them.

If you have good education and work experience, you should apply for permanent residency (PR) in Canada.

We can help can help you to apply for a visa to Canada as quickly as possible.

How we help you get a job in Canada?

Universal Dream Services helps employers build overseas careers. As a result, we have the solutions to all the challenges Indians may encounter during the job application process.

✨Update Your Resume:  Make your resume stand out to Canadian employers.

Every country has a systematic method of preparing resumes, and we ensure that your resume meets Canadian standards.

✨Smart tracking service: Most resumes are blocked by employers and never reach their inboxes.

This is overcome by using an innovative system that ensures that your resume reaches the recruiter’s inbox.

✨Work Constantly: We have worked constantly on your profile. As a result, all possible options will be filtered and applied during this period.

The CVs we market are marketed to companies looking for candidates with your skills.

✨Prepare for Interviews: There is no easy way to get a recruiter to say yes. The experts at our company assist you in cracking the code of winning a job during interview preparation.

We make our training more practical by conducting mock sessions.

✨Additional Services: If your spouse is accompanying you on immigration to Canada, we offer job search assistance to both of you.

Is it hard to get a job in Canada?

how to get canada job from india

The ease of getting a jobs in Canada can vary depending on several factors. To understand how long does it take to find a job in Canada for a skilled worker.

According to the report, over 50% of job seekers find a job within 16 weeks of applying. Including your qualifications, skills, work experience, and the demand for your profession in the Canadian job market.

In most cases, candidates applied to only ten job postings before receiving a job offer.

Professionals' Average Salary in Canada & Job Opportunities in 2024

Salaries are as per GC Jobs, Canada's national employment service. 


Salary in Canadian Dollars (CAD) - Low

Salary in Canadian Dollars (CAD) - Median

Salary in Canadian Dollars (CAD) - Low

Software Engineer 




Construction Worker




Account Manager




Area Sales Manager




Export sales manager 




Market Development Manager




Sales Engineer




Store manager -




Sales and marketing manager 




Account Executive




Sales Assistant








Business Analyst, IT




Data entry operator 




Software developer 




Why is Canada the best place to work for Indians?

Canada is often considered an excellent place for Indians to work due to its diverse job opportunities, strong economy, transparent immigration policies, high-paying jobs, multicultural society, excellent education and healthcare systems, career benefits, and attractive destination, and many other factors.

5 reasons why an Indian worker should start their career in Canada:

Diverse Job Opportunities:  wide range of career options and growth potential.

Stable Economy:  secure for career development and Highest paying jobs

Quality of Life:  High standard of living, excellent healthcare, and educational systems,

Multicultural:  There is no bias based on caste or religion

How to get Canada job from India quickly?

Getting jobs in Canada can be challenging without a good understanding of the Canadian job market.

How to get a job fast in Canada:

Finding a job in Canada can be a process that requires time and effort, but there are strategies to potentially improve your job search.

With your tight schedule of work and life, doing so may be challenging. Hire a job search expert to assist you.

The job search experts are well aware of Canadian jobs and the Canadian job market in general, so it will be very helpful for you to rely on their assistance.

Apply for a Canada Permanent Resident Visa:

Permanent Resident Visa Canada

In case you think applying for a work permit for a Canadian job is a good idea, then think again.

Work permit holders are given a lower priority by Canadian employers than candidates with PR visas. As a result of 

Permanent resident visa holders provide assurance of long-term residency in the country.

  • Employers can then be confident that the chosen candidate’s talent will be beneficial over time.

  • As a result, employers hire PR visa holders because they don’t have to pay any LMIA expenses.

  • After 3 years of citizenship, the candidate will be a valuable asset for the Canadian economy.

Many candidates meet Canada’s immigration requirements easier than other nationals.

Certain occupations and skilled trades require certification. Additionally, some roles may require that you demonstrate your practical skills.

Depending on your profile, our job search experts will prepare a personalized checklist of documents for you.

Permanent Residency is a Good for Get a Job in Canada in 2024?

Permanent residency visas are always considered to be the best option over work permits due to the status they provide. You will receive a permanent resident card as a result of this visa, similar to a US Green Card.

This visa is not dependent on a job offer. In some cases, both the visa application and the job search can be conducted simultaneously.

Applicants must score 67 points under Canada Express Entry and apply online for a visa.

  • Canada-wide work
  • You can work for any Canadian company

  • Changing companies/jobs as needed

  • Allow your spouse work without any additional permits

  • Can apply for any job that is available to Canadians

  • Apply for unemployment benefits under several programs

  • Permanent residency visa privileges

  • Apply for Canadian citizenship in 3 years

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