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Priorities straight, an Indian traveling to Dubai needs to secure a Dubai Visa. Emirates Airlines travelers can utilize the DVPC portable application to apply for a UAE visa in only five minutes. A Dubai tourist visa is great for an Indian traveling to the UAE with the end goal of the travel industry, which could be an occasion or even to see family in Dubai. Yet, before that, you really want to settle on your visa type, whether for 48 or 96 hours or for longer, similar to a 30-day or 90-day visa. There are multiple-entry visas for 30 and 90 days, as well. Indian passport holders can apply for a Dubai Visa online. also, when your application is acknowledged, you get a duplicate of your e-visa through email. The Dubai visa process for Indians is genuinely straightforward.

Visa Price for Dubai

Type of Dubai VisaDubai Visa Fees
Transit Visa (48 Hours)₹ 4,505
Transit Visa (96 Hours)₹ 2,982
Tourist Visa (14 Days)₹5,282
Tourist Visa (30 Days)₹7,499
Family Visa (30 Days)₹ 19,700
Tourist Visa (60 Days)₹ 14,600

Applying for an Online Dubai Visa

Before planning your get-away, you need to initially pack a UAE visa online. Applying for a Dubai visa online is one of the easiest activities, In case you are traveling on Emirates and you have your PNR number, you can apply for a visa for Dubai as you retrieve your booking from the flight's website. Read the visa application structure and immediately apply, In any case, before applying for a visa Dubai online you need to realize your visa type, whether it is a 48-hour visa, 96-hour visa, 30-day visa, a 90-day visa, a multi-entry short-term visa for 30 days or a multi-entry long-term visa for 90 days. Normally for a Dubai E Visa, the documents required range from the scanned variety duplicate of the first and last page of your passport, a scanned duplicate of a variety of passport-size photos in the white foundation, furthermore, a confirmed return flight ticket.

You can now apply for your Dubai visa, through the Yatra application or website where you can pay online through our payment gateway, also, transfer your necessary documents. We then verify and present the documents on your behalf and you are then sent your tourist e-visa to your registered email id. The visa processing fee charged by the consulate of the country you are visiting will differ with the length of your visit, with the lowest being for a 96-hour travel visa agent. A 90-day tourist visa, then again, elicits the highest processing fee, When you get your visa done through an agent, the agent website will charge its bonus which is over or more the taxes, furthermore, the visa processing fee charged by the high commission of the country you are visiting.

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How to Apply for Dubai Tourist Visa

You can apply Dubai visa online either through an OTA (Online Travel Agency) or through the Dubai Visa Processing Center (DVPC). You can choose to book your flight tickets directly with Emirates and subsequently apply Dubai tourist visa online. You should simply bounce on the airline's website, head to the manage booking section, then enter your booking details and retrieve your booking. Then you can apply Dubai visa from India by selecting the apply for a UAE visa choice. Continue on the Dubai application module by topping off your visa structure and transferring the requisite documents required to get a Dubai e-visa. To apply Dubai work visa online you need to initially have an endorsement from the Service of Work. Your employer needs to apply for such a visa on behalf of his employee, what's more, the procedure needs to be completed before your entering the UAE.

The fast 4-step procedure to Book a Dubai visa Online includes:

1. Getting a quote from an OTA.

2. Pay the online processing fee utilizing your credit/debit card or e-wallet.

3. Transfer every one of the documents mentioned in your visa structure online - on the gateway of your OTA.

4. Get real time update on your Dubai Visa Status Online and ultimately receive your e-visa to your registered email id.

In any case, before going through the process you need to understand what visa type you are applying for.

Apply Dubai Visa For India

Dubai Visa Process Time for Indians

The Dubai visa process for Indians is a genuinely simple one Any Indian traveling to Dubai requires an Electronic Travel Authorisation, or ETA which awards them travel privileges for a short span. An Indian will be eligible for a Dubai visa fundamentally on the off chance that his passport has a base half year legitimacy. In the event that your purpose of visit to Dubai is travel, as need might arise to have a single entry short-term tourist visa that is substantial for 30 days. However, before that you need to establish your purpose of travel whether it is for the travel industry alone, for business, work or study, for your visa requirement will fluctuate with the category you go for.

Dubai Visa Procedure for Indians. 4 quick steps:

1. Once you have identified your category of Visa, you need to top off the requisite visa details and raise a quote with your OTA.

2. You can complete the Dubai visa process online by then paying the processing fee along with the agent's bonus utilizing NetBanking, credit or debit card or even an e-wallet.

3. You need to transfer all documents mentioned in the requirement sheet online, ensuring you pass up a major opportunity no detail. The OTA will then verify the precision of your papers and ask you to re-transfer in case there is a need, and afterward send forth your application to the consulate.

4. You can follow your e-visa status online till you at last receive it on your registered email id.

The Dubai visa processing time can be just 24 hours for Indian citizens. However, you ought to expect a normal processing time of 3-4 working days to get your Dubai e-visa.

Apply for Visa online

Dubai visa application Documents required,

The normal documents required for a Dubai visa whether tourist or business comprise:

- Your passport with a base legitimacy of six months.

- A copy of the visa application form properly filled.

- Scanned duplicate of two color photos in white foundation.

- A cover letter from the candidate mentioning his purpose of visit and the term of his visit.

- Confirmed return flight tickets.

- Confirmation of hotel reservation for the entire days of your visit in Dubai.

- An original as well as copy of your IT Returns and a copy of the PAN card.

- Original as well as scanned duplicate of your investment documents. Ought to have investment adding up to 5 lac or more as FDs.

- An independent lady traveler under the age of 24 would need a NOC from her father or spouse.

Dubai Tourist Visa Fees

The Dubai visa fees will differ with the type of visa you are applying for.

Types of Dubai Visa for Indian Citizens

48 Hours
  • Get your visa in 3–4 working days
  • Single entry visa for a 48-hour stay
96 Hours
  • Get your visa in 3–4 working days

  • Single entry visa for a 96-hour stay


14 Days

  • Get your visa in 3–4 working days

  • Single entry visa

  • 58 days validity

  • All-Inclusive Prices

  • No hidden fees

  • Express Visa Facility Available at Minimum Cost

  • All-inclusive price, including COVID insurance 


30 Days

  • Get your visa in 3–4 working days

  • Single or multiple entry visa

  • 58 days validity

  • All-inclusive prices

  • No other charges

  • Express Visa Facility Available

  • All-inclusive price including COVID insurance

30 Days
  • family visa package is for 3 family members

  • Get your visa within 3-4 working days

  • Single entry visa

  • 58 days validity

  • All-inclusive visa price for 2 adults & 1 child below 12 years

  • No hidden fees

  • Express Visa Facility Available

  • All-inclusive price including COVID insurance

60 Days
  • Get your tourist visa in 3-4 working days

  • Single entry visa

  • 58 days validity

  • No hidden fees

  • Express Visa Facility Available

  • All-inclusive prices include COVID insurance



Why Dubai Visa Can Get Rejected ?

Here are some reasons why your Dubai Visa Application can get rejected:

- In case you are a lady below the age of 24 and are traveling alone, there could be a delay or rejection of your visa, suspecting illegal exploitation.

- Any previous lawbreaker record or extortion or any unfortunate behavior in the UAE or in India can lead to your visa getting rejected.

- In case you had a UAE residence visa earlier and left the country without cancelling the visa. The Public Relation Officer needs to have it cancelled for you before giving you a new tourist visa.

- In case the scanned copies of your passport are not legible and the UAE movement thinks that it is suspect and rejects or delays the process of conceding you a Dubai visa.

- Your visa can get rejected on the off chance that your passport records you as a non-white collar professional like a laborer, a farmer etc.

- In case your visa application has some errors in the name, passport number, date of birth, passport issuance and expiry dates, your application can get rejected or delayed.

- In case you had applied for a tourist visa to Dubai and had not utilized it. You then have to get it first cancelled from an OTA before applying for a new UAE visa.

- In case you have applied for an employment visa through an organization in the UAE and didn't utilize it. In such a case the Ace of the very company needs to initially cancel your visa for you to apply for a fresh Dubai visa

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An e-Visa is an authorized document issued in a convenient PDF format that grants permission for entry into and travel within a foreign country. Individuals can acquire their visas electronically by providing necessary information online and completing payment through a credit or debit card.

The UAE visa will now be issued electronically and stored in the computer system. Therefore, it is necessary for you to print out the electronic visa confirmation that will be sent to you via email. Upon arriving in the UAE, you are required to visit the eye scan desk before proceeding to the immigration desk. At the immigration desk, your valid visa and passport will be examined, and an entry stamp will be placed on your passport. visi visa dubai from india

You need to apply with an OTA like Considering your passport has at least half year legitimacy, you can pay your visa processing fee, transfer every one of the required documents, and the OTA will fill your visa application form on your behalf. They will likewise check the precision of your documents and file the papers with the consulate of Dubai. Once your e-visa arrives, they will send it to your registered email id. Check Visit visa dubai price

Once you have applied for your Dubai visa with Yatra and have paid the processing fee and have uploaded your visa documents, you can expect the visa team of to update you on the situation with your Dubai e-visa application as received from the UAE embassy. visit visa in Dubai