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Germany is highly recommended to study abroad by the students because of low tuition costs and part time jobs are available. Germany has one of the world’s strongest economies and offers an innovative research, education landscape and has a wide scope for immigrants in terms of education, work, culture, attractions, etc. The job market in Germany is generally strong and employment is high for skilled workers coming into the country, especially in engineering, manufacturing and the IT sectors.

  • Highly skilled worker

  • Relative

  • Self-employed immigrant

  • Student

Self-Employment Visas

If you want to start your own business in Germany, then you can apply for this category of German Work permit. If immigrant has a minimum amount of one million Euro to invest in German economy and have to create ten fresh German jobs, he automatically becomes eligible to apply under this plan.

Study Visa

Germany is a great place to pursue higher studies at low cost. German Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are globally recognized. Many international students are interested to pursue higher education in Germany. Most of German universities have their programs offered in German languages, however, there are also a lot of international programs offered in English language only or with a combination with a German and other languages, So you don’t need to worried about language whether you have proficiency in English or German language as well as.

Job Seeker Visa

Germany Job Seeker Visa is a long term residency permit, which allows you to stay and search for a job for six months. In a Germany, there is large scope for jobs and career development. After getting a job, you can apply for Blue Card, from within the country. With the required long-term work experience you can apply for resident permit.

What are the requirements to migrate to germany ?

  • Prove Financial Stability
  • Have Health Insurance
  • Have at Least Basic Proficiency in German
  • Get a German Visa
  • Standard Residence Permit
  • European Union (EU) Blue Card
  • Settlement Permit or Permanent Residence Permit

Frequently Asked Questions

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Officially there is no age limit for Job Seeker Visa Application. You can apply at any age if you feel that you still have a chance to get offered a job. However, you shouldn’t be older than 67; as it is the retirement age, no employer will hire someone at that period of life

Here are some documents you need to collect if you want to move to germany
Germany Visa Application Form.
Valid Passport.
Two identical Germany Visa Photos.
Proof of Accommodation in Germany.
Transportation / Round trip reservation or itinerary.
Adequate Health Insurance Coverage.
Proof of Financial Means required Germany

The processing time for visa applications (short stay) takes up to 15 days. If long-term residence permits or visa for employment in Germany are applied for, the processing time will be up to several months.

You can move to Germany without a job if you intend to start your own business. You will need to apply for a residence permit and permission to start your business. You will need a self-employment visa if you are coming to Germany temporarily and for business purposes.

In 2021, a full-time employee in Germany would earn €4,100 on average per month. That amounts to a gross salary of €49,200 per year.