It is one of the leading economic countries in the world with high per capita income. Migrate to Hong Kong is totally free economy and one of the wealthiest countries on the globe. It is one of the world’s leading international financial centers, Hong Kong’s service-oriented economy is characterized by low taxation, near-free port trade and well-established international financial market Hong Kong has adopted a flexible and open immigration policy. Businessmen and professionals are welcome to work, invest and settle in Hong Kong. The key sectors which provides career opportunities in Hong Kong are financial sector, trading and logistics, tourism industry, health technology, construction industry etc. To work in this leading Asian economy, one needs to meet the criteria of Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission scheme. If you wish to get employed here, you may check the General Employment Policy (GEP) Program and the General Points Test (GPT). And Universal Dream Services will provides you the finest migration services with various types of visas like QMAS visa and travel visa. If you want to migrate to hong kong, and we are the best immigration consultants in delhi for hong kong read this page to have a clear understanding and contact us if you have any query.

About QMAS

Hong Kong Quality Migrant Admission scheme (QMAS) is a points-based immigration system which was implemented in the year 2006. QMAS program offers employment opportunities to the professionals from overseas. And the successful immigrants has the freedom to bring their spouse and dependent children in Hong Kong. The scheme included two methods of assessment: a general points test, under which applicants would be awarded points based on their education, age, working experience, language abilities, and family background, and an achievement-based test for people such as Olympic medalists, Nobel laureates, or scientists and professionals with significant recognition in their field.

Requirements for Hong Kong QMAS

  • Applicants must be minimum 18 years old.

  • Applicants must not have any criminal record in Hong Kong or elsewhere.

  • Applicants must have minimum funds as per the country criteria.

  • Educational Qualification as per the Hong Kong guidelines.

What is Average Salary In Hong Kong ?

The average salary in Hong Kong is on average 439,000 HKD (Hong Kong dollars). This is 56,178 USD According to February 2022’s exchange rates.

If you intend to outsource your business operations to Hong Kong SAR (Special Administrative Region), you may need to investigate the average salary statistics further in order to get a better understanding of the region’s pay scale and salary trends.

In this article, We will discuss the Hong Kong average salary statistics and trends. In addition, we’ll also talk about the three key advantages of outsourcing to Hong Kong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Immigration to Hong Kong is not that difficult as their Immigration Policies are crafted in the unique way that attracts thousands of Immigrants. You can migrate to Hong kong there without any advance offer of local employment. Check out the benefits and requirements to attain the visa.

It normally takes four weeks to process a visit/transit visa/entry permit application upon receipt of all the required documents. The Immigration Department will not be able to start processing the application unless all the required documents and information have been received.

Hong Kong is a fantastic destination for expats and their families, with wonderful food, a vibrant culture and so much opportunity. Just make sure you are well prepared, with a job offer secured, international health insurance prepared and an apartment ready to help you settle in quickly.

If you get the approval of any kinds of visa for more than 6-month period except visitor visa or prolonged visitor visa, you are eligible to apply for HKID card. HKID card is an identification of your status in Hong Kong and you are required to bring with you at all times in Hong Kong.

Political stability, free market, pro-business governance, and corruption-free economy are some of the advantages of starting a business in Hong Kong. Several pro-business organisations have been set up to provide a conducive atmosphere for foreign companies to do business in the Mainland and Asia. We are the best immigration Consultants in delhi for hong kong.


The average salary in Hong Kong is on average 439,000 HKD (Hong Kong dollars). This is 56,178 USD According to February 2022’s exchange rates.

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