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PR Visa

Jobseeker Visa

A Permanent Residency Visa makes your life start with a new point in your dream country and makes it easy to get started. Even if you are not a citizen of that countrỵ, Universal Dream Services provides comfortable and legitimate immigration services.

Job Seeker Visa is a long term residency permit, which allows you to stay and search for a job for six months. In a Germany, Austria there is large scope for jobs and career development. After getting a job, you can apply for Blue Card, from within the country. With the required long-term work experience you can apply for resident permit.

Employment Work Visa

Study Visa

Work Visa authorizes individuals who aspire to travel to overseas for the purpose of securing employment or take up arranged employment. Generally, work visas are not issued for ordinary, routine and secretarial jobs. Professionals with an advanced degree and extraordinary abilities are generally preferred by the overseas employers/countries.

Universal Dream Services is a superior overseas education consultancy that guides to all students who are dreaming of studying in abroad. We help you to select the best country and educational program.

Business Visa

Tourist Visa

Being a non-immigrant visa, a business visa is for people who want to create new or establish an existing business abroad. People who travel to places for business-related tasks need a B1 Visa.

We will provide complete assistance for obtaining a travel visa. Our expert consultants will guide you in the documentation process, which makes it easy for you to secure a travel visa.

Internship Visa

Dependent Visa

Internship program is helpful in bridging the gap between your formal education and practical work experience. We guide you in getting your Internship Visa for the top developed countries. To pursue an internship in USA, you required to have a J1 Visa.

Your loved ones, who wish to migrate to a country must have a sponsorship visa from a relative, a company or guardian. Not only do they have to have a PR, but also eligible and capable enough to sponsor the Visa.

IELTS Coching

Travel Insurance

IELTS is the most popular, convenient, and essential English language test that has to be cleared by non-native English speakers. Our Best IELTS coaching classes will help you excel in your career growth and also improve your communication skills.

By providing perfect travel insurance policy our team will help you to get yourself safe and secure while travelling to your dream destination.

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