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Travel Insurance Services

Travel Insurance Services

Travel Insurance is a comprehensive package which provides complete medical and health cover to the international travelers be it for leisure, business, study, work or for any other purpose. We make sure our customers receive not only superior travel insurance coverage, but also a lifeline when away from home.

There are many countries that countries will not issue a VISA in case Overseas Travel Insurance is not enclosed. Travel insurance offers coverage for all the medical expenses that are incurred overseas for any medical treatment. In these countries all international travelers are seriously advised to travel with Overseas Travel Insurance which will cover the risk of accident, death due to any cause, illness while travelling, loosing personal belongings etc. Universal Dream Services is a leading company which offers excellent Travel Insurance Services to its clients. We, at Universal Dream Services assist our clients in getting a strong and secure Travel Insurance cover. Our dedicated and highly cooperative team of Travel Insurance consultants deals with the clients in an effective way and also provides them with full information regarding the Best Travel Insurance Services.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance extends a helping hand to people in the darkest hour of their need. Our effort to manage our operations and our people in the most cost conscious manner will ensure that every rupee saved will add to the help life insurance can extend to our customers. We are confident that our advice on how to best protect you and your family will not only make you feel more secure, but will also help you end up with great insurance coverage.

Most of the people are not aware of the benefits of life insurance mostly knows about the death and disability benefits. However, there are plenty of other benefits offered by life insurance policies such as Maturity benefits, Tax benefits, Loan facilities etc.