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The ‘Bread Basket’ of Europe, Ukraine is a beautiful country with several leisure activities for you to do on your Ukraine tourist visa. Millions of travelers from across the world visit Ukraine every year, and even Indians contribute a lot to that number. Ukraine has natural beauty as well, with its beaches and mountains.

Ukraine Tourist Visa

Whenever somebody makes a trip to Ukraine for the travel industry and recreation exercises, a vacationer visa for Ukraine is given in their name. It is additionally called as Type C. There are a few benefits to a Ukraine vacationer visa for Indian voyagers. On this grant, the holder can help with touring and other vacation activities, as well as visit their loved ones living in the country. The legitimacy of the visa is for 180 days, although the allowed stay on one visit is 90 days. It tends to be a single-section, two-fold passage, or even a variety of passage types. You likewise should take note that a vacationer visa for Ukraine from India doesn’t promise you a section in the country. On the off chance that there are any issues with the grant or yourself, the line control has the ability to prevent you from venturing into the country.

Why Visit Ukraine ?

There are many reasons that make Ukraine worth visiting. These include –

7 UNESCO World Heritage sites.

  • Wonderful palaces.
  • Ukrainian Christmas markets.
  • Among the best places to visit in winter.
  • Perfect for those looking for new experiences.
  • Diverse, vibrant, and with a rich culture.
  • Unusual and intriguing adventures.
  • the Ukrainian vyshyvanka

If you want to visit the Ukraine, you will need a Ukraine tourist visa. The visa is valid for 3 months. You can use this visa to tour the country for 30 days.

Eligibility Requirements For Ukraine Tourist Visa

  • Have a genuine reason to visit the country.
  • Have the funds or finances to support your stay.
  • Meet health and character requirements.
  • Have proof of motive to return to your home country

Types of Ukraine Tourist Visa

  • You may receive a Ukrainian Tourist Visa from a consulate or embassy. Candidates/Applicants would need to physically go there to complete the application process. The length of the Ukrainian tourist visa will vary depending on the traveler’s needs.
  • Citizens or residents of qualifying countries can now apply for the time-saving Ukrainian e-Visa and escape the hassle of traveling to a Ukrainian embassy or consulate.
  • Online Ukraine Tourist Visa
  • A free tourist visa for Ukraine can be obtained by finishing up an internet-based application structure. Sightseers from qualifying nations can undoubtedly get a guest visa to Ukraine in only a couple of moments by finishing a basic web-based application structure. Candidates ought to provide some essential data, for example, name, address, date of birth, itinerary items, and identification subtleties.

  • The approved e-visa is sent by email to the candidate. The Ukraine Electronic Vacationer Visa assists explorers with trying not to need to go to an international safe haven or department to get a visa to Ukraine.

Ukraine Tourist Visa Fees

The cost of a Ukraine tourist visa varies depending on several factors, such as whether the license is single-entry or multiple-entry, the purpose of the visit, the service fee, and other charges. It can also vary as per the exchange rate of the currency at the time of application. The fee or charges are to be paid at the time of submission of the application form and the required documents. It tends to be paid with money or utilizing a charge or a Mastercard and it is to be paid to the visa application focus.


Multiple entry Normal

Double entry Normal

Single entry Normal

Stay Duration

1 Month

1 Month

1 Month


12 Months

3 Months

3 Months





Ukraine Tourist Visa Processing Time

The handling time expected for the issuance of a traveler visa for Ukraine is around 17 to 19 days. The time will in any case differ contingent upon specific elements like the responsibility at the consulate office, the staff accessibility, and whether the grant is a solitary section type or various passage kinds on the off chance that records are fragmented and the other reports are yet to be submitted, among others. The time increments and diminishes impacted by these boundaries.

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Generally, an Indian national travelling from India to Ukraine for private or tourist purposes will require a visa.


There are three kinds of visit visas issued for Ukraine –

  • Transit (B type), for transiting through Ukraine, provided the transit period doesn’t exceed five days.
  • Short-term (C type), for staying in Ukraine for up to 90 days within every 180 days.
  • Long-term (D type), for a foreigner that intends to apply for a temporary residence permit for staying in Ukraine beyond 90 days. D visas for Ukraine are issued as multiple entry visas with a 90 days’ validity.

The processing time for a visa to Ukraine is approximately ten days. The visa could be provided in 5 working days if you choose a quick or expedited processing schedule, but the charge will be more. The processing period, on the other hand, is dependent on the embassy or consulate where you apply, and may take longer in some situations.


The Ukraine work permit is easy to get. Here are the documents you need to submit to obtain the work permit:

  • International passport valid till three months of the intended date of departure
  • Online Application Form
  • Applicant’s Bank Statement for the past two months.
  • Air Ticket
  • Covering Letter
  • Digital Photo
  • Work Permit
  • Travel insurance of 30,000 Euros for stay in Ukraine
  • Official Visa Fees of 85 USD
  • Hotel booking confirmation

After you have completed the application and submitted all the required documents, you can apply for a work permit in Ukraine. Apply it through the local authorities of the State Employment Service of Ukraine from your company’s location. A representative from your workplace is required to be present in person in the Ukrainian departmental office. Ukraine does not offer an online filing system.

Work permits are generally issued for the duration of the employment contract. It cannot be extended beyond three years for some categories or one year for other workers. You are also required to pay the fee to the government depending on the duration of the contract.

Work permits for one to three years cost six living wages as defined by the law of Ukraine on the first day of every year. Work permits can be renewed an unlimited number of times.