4 Tips to Avoid Study Visa Refusal                                                                                                                                                     

Strong study plan

Ask someone with strong English writing skills to review and edit your study plan.                    

Base your arguments on facts, not assumptions (do a little research)                                                                           

Prove financial sufficiency

The only recognized way to prove your financial sufficiency are recent bank account statements during the last three months

A bank certificate is usually a one-page document that certifies that you have an account with that branch

Justify Previous Refusals

If your application was refused, applying again with the same information

You must justify your previous visa refusal as it is critical that these countries have protection laws

Incomplete Documents 

This is really not a rejection.these are temporary refusals and you can overcome that by submitting requested documents.

If the immigrant visa is denied because of missing doucuments, you can get those documents and go back to the consulate again

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