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Which Country Is Easy to Get Work Visa From India?

Sometimes, even when you are a skilled professional, you can’t get a work visa to build your career abroad. It can be because of an extended process or unreasonable requirements. However, there are certain countries or nations where you, a self-employed individual from India, can get a work visa effortlessly with better career growth and other advantages/benefits.

So, without burning through any time, how about we see which nation’s work visa is not difficult to get from India!

Here is a list of 6 countries where a work visa is easy to get from India. In this list, we have mentioned every consideration you have to make when choosing the best option for yourself.


The main first country on this list is Canada, since it has a flexible immigration system for Indians and contains only a few requirements. Apart from this, when compared to most countries, getting a visa in Canada is very reasonable.

The most popular immigration program to help you enter Canada is the Express Entry program. However, others include the PNP program, the Federal Skilled Worker Program, and the Entrepreneurship Program.

In addition, it is ideal to pursue your vocation here due to its amazing ability contributions and high training relationship. Furthermore, you will actually want to receive the rewards of individual security, instruction, and medical care.


  • Nomination from a province
  • High CRS score
  • Offer letter from a Canadian employer


The second country on the list that offers easy work visa to Indians is the Netherlands. The primary reason to choose this country over others is that you get a good work-life balance here. Moreover, the approval process for a work visa is flexible.

It has supported innovative examination within its limits, subsequently ensuring you get the necessary development choice. Likewise, the public authority of the Netherlands has decreased its charges and worked on the standard of living so its inhabitants can get to the best professions, such as schooling and medication.

You can get a work visa in the Netherlands if you meet the required eligibility criteria.


  • Have professional and educational experience
  • Must earn at least $ 6.4 per month
  • Must be fluent in English

-United Kingdom

If you are wondering which European country is easy to get work visa from India, then the United Kingdom (UK) is what you are looking for. This is because it offers a plethora of opportunities to Indian citizens as an economic powerhouse on the continent. Moreover, the UK provides the technical assistance and the platform required for innovation to professionals.

Not only this but there are also other options available for the route you can take to enter this country. For example, you can apply for a Global Talent Visa or Skilled Worker Visa.


  • Must have an offer letter from the employer
  • Must be an IT professional with an educational background
  • Possess recommendation letters from UK-based experts

-New Zealand

New Zealand has solidified its place among the top countries/nations offering easy work permits to Indians because of the stress-free visa system and minimal requirements. If you work here, you can enjoy the benefits of a first-world country along with its natural surroundings. Moreover, the active outdoor life and sport love among people makes it the best place to raise kids.

One of the biggest benefits you can get here is a working holiday visa, which means you can stay in New Zealand for up to 12 months using this visa.

To apply for a work visa in New Zealand, you can either take the Skilled Migrant Visa or Business Venture Work Visa course. However, there are some criteria to meet:


  • Skill and experience in a particular field
  • A minimum of 160 points on the visa point scale
  • If you are taking an Entrepreneur Work Visa, then you must have a detailed business plan


Singapore is another country that gives easy work visas to Indians, regardless of whether they are graduates or self-employed. Also, it contains the world’s largest financial centers. Thus, it is straightforward to get a job in Singapore if you are in the teaching, information technology, or hospitality industries. Additionally, the warm climate adds one more reason to apply for your visa here.

The least demanding way to enter this nation is a Momentary Visit Pass. You can get this pass on the off chance that you have as of late finished your advanced education program, and it permits you to remain in this country for an additional 30 to 90 days. Accordingly, it makes you qualified for the Drawn out Visit Pass, which again permits you the award to remain for one year. Furthermore, there are work visas as well, similar to Business Pass for directors/leaders/experts, Entre-Pass for business visionaries, and S-Pass for mid-gifted work permitting a 2-year award.


  • To get an employment pass, you must earn a minimum of S$ 4,500
  • The earnings of a mid-skilled worker must be at least S$ 2,500
  • To get Entre-Pass, your company must possess innovative technology and a venture back-up


If you are looking to start an international career to grow exponentially, Australia is one of the top countries/nations where you can easily get a work visa. Besides, after this country reduced its quota for skilled workers, it has become a feasible option for applicants who possess a high score.

One can select this country to appreciate firm citizenship privileges, a protected climate, the prevalent nature of living, and wonderful climate.

The visa you can apply to get section to Australia incorporates Inhabitant Return Visa, Extremely durable Occupant Visa, Corroborative Occupant Return Visa, and Extraordinary Classification Visa. Notwithstanding, you should satisfy the underneath referenced qualification boundary for it.


  • Hold an offer letter from the employer
  • Must possess a high score under the skilled-migration program point grid system
  • Have experience in a field which does not have many applicants
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China and Russia are considered the most challenging countries to get a work visa from India.


If your work visa is about to expire, you must renew or extend it at least 30 days before to avoid complications.