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Introduction Of Australia

Australian Visas are the most popular visas that are opted by the students and job seekers for excellent future and there are different types of opportunities which offer growth to skilled persons. Person who wants a good lifestyle, excellent health care facilities and good economic rate then Australia is best choice. All cities are very well connected via transport routes. Immigrants can freely and conveniently travel in Australia. Australia has various types of occupations that comes under the profession of individuals who are eligible for migration. Skilled worker immigration program is the most popular type of visa in Australia. We offers you various types of visa services like Australia PR Visa, Australia Tourist visa, Australia student visa, skilled migration visa etc.

Types Of Australian Visas

There are different types of temporary and permanent Australian Visas

Australia PR Visa?

An Australia PR Visa is a permanent residency visa that allows you to settle, work, and study in Australia for a period of 5 years, After four years of formal employment, you can become a citizen.

Your family can also move to Australia with the PR visa.

After you understand what an Australian PR visa is, let’s explore the benefits you receive if you become a PR holder.

Benefits For Australia PR Visa ?

  • live work and settle in anywhere part of the country
  • Continue Your Study in Australia
  • Become a PR sponsor for your family
  • Visit the Country of New Zealand with Australia permanent residency visa
  • Free health insurance

What are the eligibility requirements for Australia PR Visa in 2024 ?

It is necessary for candidates to have their skills assessed by the immigration authorities before planning for Australia immigration

According to Australia's PR Points Grid, you need a minimum score of 65 points

To be eligible to apply, a candidate must be at least 45 years old.

Health assessment documents are important for proving you are healthy to the government.

One of the main requirements for any application is to have a talent listed on the Skilled Occupation List.

One of the main requirements for any application is to have a talent listed on the Skilled Occupation List.

What is the Cost Australia PR Visa In 2024 ?

The fees for Australian PR visa are:

– $4115 in Australian dollars, or 2,20,825 in Indian rupees, is the primary applicant
– Spouse who is dependent and over the age of 18: $2055 Australian dollars or 110298 Indian rupees
– Dependent (children under 18): ₹ 55283 in Indian rupees or $ 1030 in Australian dollars.

How To Apply For Australia PR Visa in 2024 ?

You must first check your eligibility before applying for a PR visa for Australia. For the process to be eligible, you must receive 65 points.

As soon as your PR visa qualification is confirmed, you need to apply for a skill assessment. The skill assessment is conducted by a designated authority. This should be followed by the submission of your application online.

Within 60 days of accepting your application, you must submit the required documentation to DIBP. Upon successful verification on documentation, you will be granted a visa.

Australia Study Visa

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What Is An Australia Study Visa

Students who study in australia are granted a study visa that allows them to stay for the duration of their studies.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has announced that all international students planning to study in Australia are now required to apply under Subclass 500, which effectively combines subclasses 571–576.

Upcoming Intakes In Australia

Every year, Australian universities receive two intakes:

Why apply for an Australia Student Visa

  • Top Ranking Universities
  • AUD 25,000 Scholarships
  • Quick Visa Processing
  • Post-Study Work Permit 4 Years
  • State Of purpose

Top 10 Universities In Australia 2024

Indian students can also apply for Australia student visa in their universities :

Documents Requirements for An Australia Student Visa ?

  • A vaild passport
  • Visa application fees
  • Work Experience Documents
  • Health insurance certificates
  • State Of purpose

Australia student visa processing time 2024 ?

The processing of an Australian student visa typically takes one month, but it can take up to three months.

It generally takes between 4 and 6 weeks to complete the SSVF process since the process has been streamlined. A visa officer can always request outstanding documents if required by the education institution or if desired by the student. 

The higher education provider in Australia will issue the Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) required as part of the Student Visa Program (SVP). The application is then sent to the Department of Home Affairs.

You should apply for the student visa at least 12 weeks in advance of orientation.

   Australia Tourist Visa

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Australia Tourist Visa for Indians

Australia Tourist Visa is a type of non-immigrant visa. Short-term visits to Australia are permitted for foreign nationals.

Indian nationals who want to travel to Australia for vacation must apply for the visitor visa (Subclass 600), which enables them to travel there for either business or pleasure.

As per the Australian embassy,

– You are not allowed to work for a company or sell goods or services in Australia when you apply for a australia tourist visa from india.
– An application for a visitor visa is also available to those who plan to engage in informal education or training for fewer than three months.
– Applying for a visitor visa allows parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents to stay in the country for extended periods of time.

Eligibility criteria for an Australian tourist visa ?

The eligibility requirements of an Australia Tourist Visa are :

  • You must have sufficient funds to support yourself.
  • You have to declare your intention to go back home.
  • You must clear the purpose of the visit.
  • You must show that you are in good health.
  • Showing off your moral character is vital.
  • You must not accept or seek any jobs.
  • Using this visa to study is not allowed.

Documentation for An Australia Tourist Visa ?

Before applying for an Australian tourist visa, Make sure you meet the conditions for an Australian tourist Visa requirements.

To get an Australia tourist visa, you must have the following documents:

  • A vaild passport
  • Recent photographs
  • Completed visa application form (Form 1419)
  • Proof of Funds
  • Income tax returns
  • Health test results
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personal cover letter
  • Proof Of Accommodation
  • Documents showing your purpose of visit

Other Important FAQ

The Required IELTS Score To Immigrate to Australia is minimum of 7 Bands in IELTS Exam Test

The Processing time for Australia permanent residency visa is Maximum 8 to 12 months & Visa Processing also depend on the points you score


Applying for the australia permanent residency visa, you need to below 45 years

Yes Sure. IELTS Exam Test is not mandatory for Indian students attending most Australian universities, however many do need them to take an English language competence exam.

Yes, it is easy to get an Australian tourist visa with the help of best australia immigration consultant. But you have to meet the necessary requirements.

Australian tourist visa can be obtained for maximum of one year.