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Why Portugal Job Seeker Visa

Portugal Job Seeker Visa

On October 31,2022, The Portuguese government has announced New portugal job seeker visa which allows indian citizens to enter the country in search of employment. It has been introduced overcome the job market demands.

Candidates can travel to Portugal and remain there for three months in order to look for work with the Portugal job seeker visa. As long as their three-month visa is valid or until they receive a residence permit, they are allowed to work.

Benefits of Migrate To Portugal

A list of benefits to settling in Portugal :

Portugal Job Seeker Visa Validity

Only one person is permitted to enter Portugal with this visa, which has a 120-day expiration date and a 60-day renewal option.

At the end of its 120-day validity period, this visa is given provided that a specified date is assigned to competent services. Upon formalization of the job contract during that term, the candidate may use it to apply for a residence visa.

After finishing it, you have to meet the general requirements stated in article 77 of the Law in order to be granted a temporary residence visa.

The visa holder should leave the country as soon as the time limit on looking for work on the visa expires, without creating an employment bond or starting the process to ask for the issue of a residence permit.

Eligibility Criteria For Portugal Job Seeker Visa

This visa is valid for those who want to work in Portugal.

General Documentation For Portugal Job Seeker Visa 2024

Documents Requirements for An Portugal Job Seeker Visa

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Other Important FAQ

Getting a residence permit is the easiest way to migrate to Portugal. In this case, foreign nationals are not required to apply for jobs or obtain university admission. It takes less than six months to obtain a residency visa through investment.

The profession, qualifications, number of years of experience, and other factors influence the average salary in Portugal. Gross monthly salaries average $1,200 in Portugal. The average amount for highly qualified employees is up to US$2,000. The amount drops to US$990 for those without a college degree. In Portugal, the legal minimum wage is 660 dollars per month. There is no tax on this minimum wage; You begin paying taxes with a 720-dollar income.

It is one of the best countries for people interested in working abroad. With progressive social policies, accessible employment, easy immigration policies, publicly funded healthcare and education, Portugal is one of the most favored countries to live and work in.

Validity of Portugal Job Seeker Visa

Only one person is permitted entry into Portugal with this visa, which has a 120-day expiration date and is renewable for an additional 60 days. This visa is issued on the condition that a scheduled date be assigned to qualified services throughout its 120-day validity period.

You are allowed to remain on Portuguese territory for three months in order to look for work if you have a Portuguese job seeker visa. You will be granted a Portuguese work permit, allowing you to work and live in the nation, if you find employment by the end of the three-month period.

A job seeker visa can be the best choice for you if you want to relocate to a new nation and begin a new career.

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