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Refund and Cancellation

Refund Policy

Welcome to Please take a moment to review our refund policy carefully.

Refund Process

All transactions are facilitated exclusively through Dream Mart Services Private Limited on behalf of Universal Dream Services.

No Refunds for Early Service Withdrawal

We regret to inform you that under no circumstances will issue refunds for early service withdrawal.

Refund Percentages

Refund percentages are applicable solely to the full-service fee paid, and not to partial payments. To be eligible for a refund percentage, the complete product fee must be paid in full without any outstanding balance. Clients are ineligible for a refund percentage if they fall under any of the specified conditions or if the full-service fee has not been paid as outlined.

Immigration Pronouncements

Please be aware that immigration pronouncements may be based on future expectations, and clients are enrolled in advance to ensure compliance with immigration authorities. Clients acknowledge this and commit to fulfilling all requirements in a timely manner. If a client’s profile is deemed ineligible after the pronouncement, they may have the option to explore alternative opportunities.

Zero-Tolerance Policy for Chargebacks maintains a zero-tolerance policy for chargebacks. Any customer who disputes a valid credit card payment will be permanently blacklisted and barred from utilizing our services. Outstanding fees and costs will be referred to collections, and unpaid debts may be reported to credit reporting agencies.

Invoice and Tax

Clients understand and agree that the total invoice amount includes consultation fee and applicable tax. However, refunds will be calculated solely on the consultation fee, with the tax component being non-refundable. Once Invoice has been issued then the amount is non refundable in any case.

Rejection by Immigration Authorities

In the event of rejection by immigration authorities, will process a refund as per the agreement. The refund will be completed within 90 working days following the client’s submission of the Online / Offline Refund Settlement letter, along with a copy of the rejection letter from the authority. Amount is non-refundable if not able to produce a rejection letter.

Third-Party Services bears no responsibility for any delays caused by third-party services, and clients cannot seek refunds of service charges for such delays.

Assessing Bodies and Authorities is not liable for refunding fees paid to any assessing bodies, universities, immigration authorities, embassies, consulates, or high commissions in the event of rejection or non-acceptance by the respective authorities. These fees cover only the services provided by and do not encompass request or assessing fees.

Payment Terms

Clients agree to pay any additional applicable fees. In cases of online card service payments, clients commit not to initiate a chargeback without prior communication with, except as stipulated in the agreement and applicable laws under the jurisdiction of New Delhi, India.

Service Charges

Service charges by adhere to company standards, and claims regarding charges being excessively expensive after registration will not be entertained.

Funds Requirement for Immigration

Clients acknowledge that immigration may necessitate demonstrating sufficient funds, which vary by country and pathway/category. Failure to provide such funds will not render responsible for refunding service charges. In such instances, no refund requests for service charges will be entertained.