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Germany has introduced the Germany Opportunity Card, a point-based program.

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germany opportunity card img


Germany’s recently introduced Opportunity Card, or “Chancenkarte,” attracts qualified individuals with streamlined entrance and job search procedures by providing non-EU candidates with a one-year residency permit to look for work without a permanent contract.
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Are you keen to work in Germany but come from a non-EU nation? Germany has introduced the Opportunity Card (“Chancenkarte”), which enables applicants from non-EU nations to come and look for work without requiring a long-term employment agreement.

By streamlining the procedure, this program hopes to draw in qualified labor. A minimum of six points must be earned in a point-based system, or candidates must be acknowledged as competent workers. Their stay needs to be covered financially.
With the Opportunity Card, entering Germany is made simpler and more lawful, there’s an opportunity to make a solid living, and permanent residency may be possible. Upon approval of their application, applicants are granted an instant work permit.
The Opportunity Card allows for more straightforward, lawful admission into Germany, presents a prospect for a respectable salary, and gives the possibility ofGermany’s job search procedure is made simpler by this effort. In addition to language competency in either German (A1) or English (B2), applicants must have completed a minimum of two years of vocational training or have a degree from an institution accredited by their home nation. Maintaining a part-time work (up to 20 hours per week) is a great way to show that you are financially stable.

How to Calculate Your Opportunity Card Points

The points system assesses age, German connection, professional experience, and language proficiency. A applicant has to receive a total of six points to be eligible. Language ability and financial stability, as demonstrated by a part-time job contract, are prerequisites.
  • Partial recognition of foreign professional qualifications and authorization to work in regulated fields like engineering or education are worth four points each.
  • Five years of professional experience within the previous seven years or strong B2 level German language proficiency get three points.
  • Two points are awarded for two years of professional experience after completing vocational training, or for less than 35 years of age, and for B1 level proficiency in German.
  • Applicants under 40 years old or those who have already visited Germany—but not as tourists—are awarded one point.
  • Extra points can be awarded for very excellent English proficiency (C1), decent German proficiency (A2), occupation-specific credentials, or combined applications with a spouse.

Key Benefits of the Opportunity Card

Easy Entry: A more straightforward way to enter Germany.

12-Month Stay: A single-year residence with the potential for a long-term visa.

Earning Potential: A monthly income of more than €1000 is feasible.

Work Flexibility: Authorization to work up to 20 hours per week.

Job Search Opportunity: It’s time to locate a full- or part-time position that suits you.

Employers benefit from the Opportunity Card’s ability to draw in highly qualified candidates from non-EU nations. This regulatory structure makes hiring and admission processes go more quickly, saving firms time and money.

 Requirements for the Germany Opportunity Card

Would you wish to apply for an opportunity card under Section 20a of the Residence Act [AufenthG] because you are not a citizen of the EU, EEA, or Switzerland? You have the following choices available to you:

Educational Qualification:- Having more education increases your chances

Professional job experience: 5 years of experience earns you additional points.

Age: 35 and under get 3 points; 36 to 39 receive 1 point.

Language proficiency: You receive extra points if you are at an A2 level in German or a C1 level in English, while you receive 1-3 points if you are at a B1 to C2 level in German.

Proof of funds: In the form of a blocked account or a contract for part-time work in Germany, you must provide proof of funds totaling EUR 12,324.

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